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Hyundai i30 cw CRDi in the driving report: There's a lot of space in there

Hyundai i30 cw 1.6 CRDi in the driving report
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B with a cargo space volume of 1,642 liters The competitive landscape of the Hyundai i30 cw quickly emerged. Only the Peugeot 308 SW can beat this value.

Hyundai i30 cw offers a lot of space

However, the Koreans have so far kept quiet about how many liters are allocated to the total of six storage compartments under the load compartment floor of the Hyundai i30 cw. Since they can be used well, that is actually irrelevant. In order to open up the entire volume, the seat of the rear bench must first be folded up and then the backrest folded in the best, albeit somewhat aged, combi-style - and the level loading area in the Hyundai i30 cw is ready. If you save yourself the work, there are still 528 liters and thus hardly less than the much more massive Santa Fe has to offer.

In return, the large SUV might give up some of its insulating material, because the 1.6-liter diesel engine of the Hyundai i30 cw test car nails like a poorly designed agricultural machine when it starts. Only after a few kilometers does it calm down and offer the opportunity to concentrate on the positive sides of the direct injection engine of the Hyundai i30 cw: even power delivery and calming pulling power.

Also reassuring: the safe driving characteristics and the clear cockpit. And that buyers who want a large cargo space now have an alternative to the Peugeot 308 SW.


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