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Genesis 'JW EV': Electric crossover caught for the first time

Stefan Baldauf
Genesis 'JW EV' (2021)
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A The Koreans are currently testing a high Performance SUV that operates internally under the code 'JW EV'. This model is expected to roll off the production line as early as mid-2021 and, with around 20,000 units, will make a significant contribution to the brand's electronic success.

Compared to the Kia CV, the Genesis JW EV appears almost identical in shape. The crossover layout with the slightly higher ground clearance can also be seen on Kia, as well as the short front and the coupé-like roof. However, the top and bottom window lines are different. In addition, the two-part headlights and taillights typical of Genesis peek through the camouflage.

In addition to the JW EV, there is also the Electric-G series

The Genesis JW EV targets Brand, which will also be available in Germany from 2021, on the premium e-car market. And this market is still relatively small, with only the Tesla Model Y, the Audi Q4 E-Tron and the Mercedes EQC.

But also the models already presented, such as the G80 hatchback sedan, the Luxury SUV GV80 or the one for GV70 SUVs announced in 2021 also have the all-electric option. In addition to these models, Genesis also offers the Shooting Brake version of the G70.

Fast charging and a range of 500 kilometers

The E-GMP allows similar like the modular electrical kit from VW, different battery capacities, starting at 64 kWh. The range should be around 500 kilometers and the batteries should be 80 percent charged in 18 minutes using 350 kW fast charging. The top models, like the JW EV, have an electric motor per axle.

The new electric platform is not reserved for Genesis. In 2021, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Kia 'CV EV' at the start. Both models have already been studied as 'Hyundai 45' and ' Imagine by Kia ' presented.

The most important facts about the Electric Global Platform (E-GMP)

  • Sporty model: under 3.5 s for 0 - 100 km /h
  • Top speed: 260 km /h
  • Maximum power: 600 PS
  • Range of basic model: 500 km (WLTP)
  • Charging time: 18 minutes for 80 percent charge; 5 minutes for 100 kilometers
  • Charging technology: 800 volts, without adapter, also charging at 400 volt stations
  • Bidirectional charging: Vehicle-2-Load with 3.5 kW
  • Rear-wheel drive with additional four-wheel drive engine
  • IDA Integrated Drive Axle
  • Five-link rear axle


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