Geely Galaxy: 7 premium models until 2024

Geely brings three electric and four hybrid cars under the new Galaxy label. A hybrid SUV and a hybrid sedan will be launched in 2023.

The Chinese car manufacturer Geely came as a complete surprise with a video teaser at the beginning of 2023 that brought a new large electric sedan into play. In February there was more information about the project, which turned out to be the birth of a new brand.


New premium brand

As a new premium brand for the Chinese market, the carmaker is introducing the brand name Geely Galaxy (Chinese: Geely Yinhe). The new brand label is to be positioned in the Geely empire between the Geometry brand, which forms the entry level, and the Zeekr brand, which serves the upper-class clientele.

Where the journey for Geely Galaxy is going, the Chinese announced at a big gala on February 23, 2023. By the year 2024, seven models are to be launched in China. Three of them are designed with a battery-electric drive, the remaining four come with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The well-known SEA basis is used for the electric models. The hybrid models are based on the e-CMA platform, which was developed jointly with Volvo.

For the latter, the Chinese are already giving key data. The combination of combustion engine and electric motor delivers between 287 and 488 kW (390 to 664 hp). The battery is in the vehicle floor. The newly developed three-speed gearbox is said to be particularly innovative, allowing new best values ​​for acceleration and torque as well as for top speed. Geely itself sees it as an absolute top product, which is also reflected in the name. NordThor Hybrid 8848 they call the drive, whereby the 8848 refers to the height of Mount Everest - the highest mountain in the world. And the Chinese also see themselves at the top. For both BEV and PHEV, Geely announces the new smart supercomputing operating system N-OS and the battery safety system Aegis.

The first PHEV models include the SUV Galaxy L7 in the format of a Toyota RAV4 and the mid-size sedan Galaxy L6. The SUV will be launched in China in the second quarter of 2023, with the sedan following three months later. Geely is already giving the first data for the L7. The SUV is said to accelerate to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds, be 200 km/h fast, consume just 5.2 liters per 100 km and have a total range of 1,370 km. The Galaxy L5 will be followed by a smaller SUV in the PHEV family in 2024 and the Galaxy L9 by 2025.

The Galaxy BEV models will start in 2023 with the Galaxy E8 sedan. The Galaxy E7 SUV and the Galaxy E6 crossover will follow in 2024. The Galaxy Light study presented at the gala provides a first look at the PHEV Galaxy L6.

Hatchback and doors that open in opposite directions

This presents itself as a limousine around 4.90 meters long.The sweeping front hood and the slit-shaped LED lights give the front end a sporty look. The rear portals of the four-door are hinged at the back. The front doors open spectacularly upwards. There is no B-pillar. An absolute eye-catcher is also the drone hidden in the rear under a retractable spoiler element, which is intended as a future companion object. Wide shoulder areas and the roof, which gently tapers into a hatchback, bring an elegant exit into play. ,

The rear overhang is long. A narrow LED light strip runs across the rear. The wheelbase of the new Geely should level off at around three meters. Geely chairs the interior with four individual seats. Operation and infotainment are bundled in a screen landscape that extends across the entire width of the vehicle at the front and displays in the front seats in the rear. There are also plenty of light settings in combination with Plexiglas elements. A panoramic glass roof brings natural light into the interior.

The start of the Geely Galaxy brand in China is clearly outlined. Geely leaves open whether the brand will eventually open up on other markets.


Geely wants to roll up the Chinese electric car market with the new premium label Geely Galaxy. Four PHEV models and three purely electric cars are already planned by 2025. All should be technologically superior to the competition, says Geely. Geely is still limited to the domestic market with its Galaxy models. However, expansion to the rest of the world is likely. Dear competitors – something is coming your way.


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