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Ford Mondeo tournament and Skoda Superb Combi - the diesel comparison

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Ford Mondeo tournament and Skoda Superb Combi driving report
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S you open up first the slopes and looking down into the valley, such a winter sports excursion is wonderful. If only all the preparations weren't always there: getting equipment up to scratch, piling mountains of clothes, filling thermos flasks with coffee and then somehow squeezing everything into the car at six in the morning. This can drive even the quietest of contemporaries insane.

Only the Mercedes E-Class offers more volume than the Skoda Superb

Reassuring when, as in the case of Ford Mondeo tournament and Skoda Superb Combi, at least the most receptive luggage compartments of the entire middle class are available. So just let the Superb tailgate hum up electrically (340 euros extra) and put all the stuff in. 1,835 liters maximum volume is currently only available from the T-model of the Mercedes E-Class top - and the price is floating in other spheres. The Czech VW - offshoot of Mercedes regions: Even freshly sanded snowboard edges leave no marks on the shiny stainless steel loading bar, while a variable rail lashing system prevents ski boots from flying blind when braking hard.

Loss of space in the Skoda Superb Combi

There are also high-quality panels and lots of other practical details such as large, neatly deburred bag hooks, additional side pockets, a removable LED Flashlight or the adjustable loading floor to divide the trunk. The wasted space also continues in the interior: thanks to the legroom of a chauffeur limousine and the comfortably shaped rear seat, passengers can easily cope with even the longest journeys to the lift station. Only who directly from the Skoda SuperbCombi changes, you will notice that the almost equally long Ford Mondeo tournament is a little less airy. But even in the Ford, four adults travel more than comfortably - at the front even on more ergonomically shaped seats with more lateral support. A look under the tailgate is reminiscent of the long Ford tournament tradition all the way back to blessed Granada: the smooth-surfaced and easy-to-use compartment not only swallows particularly long and wide cargo, the payload is three hundred pounds higher than that of the Skoda Superb Combi.

The Skoda Superb Combi has a higher quality finish than the Ford Mondeo Tournament

The Ford Mondeo Tournament does not only want to be a leisure companion, but can also take it with you also clearly through its simpler, robust trunk lining. With its partly simple plastic control elements, uncovered welding points around the tailgate cutout or the tinny door noise, the Ford Mondeo tournament, which has been built since 2007, also looks less high-quality overall. He doesn't have to be ashamed in his environment, but below the premium brands, the Skoda Superb is now setting the standard that has overtaken his VW Passat platform dispenser in some details.

The Ford Mondeo Tourier turns noticeably more powerful

But the Ford Mondeo Tournament counters with its common rail diesel. Thanks to the higher torque, the 2.2-liter, which has just five horsepower, is motivated to work hard from 1,500 rpm and revs up noticeably more powerful. The two-liter Skoda Superb Combi drives half a liter more economically and runs more cultivated in the upper speed range. Consumptions of seven and 7.5 liters /100 kilometers are absolutely appropriate in view of the transport capacities offered. After all, Skoda also relies on modern common-rail TDIs from VW for the top diesel, while the 140 PS variant in the weaker brother still nails in a rustic pump-nozzle style.

Both station wagons pass the brake test fully loaded after 40 meters

In keeping with the powerful engines, the two also show why passionate drivers prefer more space Driving a station wagon as a van: With a focus on limousine level and without nasty self-steering surprises, you can rush through corners quickly and safely. A good feeling that also applies to the winter properties. Thanks to sensitive ESP interventions and electronically optimized traction, even a closed snow cover does not cause additional sweat stains in the ski undershirt. It is also good to know that the heavy station wagons, even fully loaded, are well below 40 meters - on dry roads.

Excessive direct steering at the Ford Mondeo tournament

In terms of comfort, however, there is still room for improvement: This is how the Skoda Superb buys Combi the safe driving characteristics including low side inclination with stiffCushion on short impacts. The more smoothly tuned Ford Mondeo tournament causes unrest with its exaggerated direct steering, as it forces frequent corrections. Its larger turning circle and poor overview also make maneuvers difficult in confined spaces. All the more annoying that the absolutely necessary parking beeper for the front and rear cost 505 euros extra. Otherwise, the tested titanium variant with aluminum rims, CD radio, automatic air conditioning or heated sports seats has everything essential on board. The Ford specialty of the heated windscreen is also valued on the journey home after a long day of skiing - even if the thin heating wires scatter the light of oncoming vehicles and thus reduce the perception of contrast.

The Ford Mondeo tournament scores with the price

In addition to its lower base price, the Ford Mondeo tournament ( the Ford Mondeo tournament in the long-term test ) with the slightly lower monthly one Score maintenance. Nevertheless, it is only enough for the cost stalemate with the driving report winner Skoda Superb Combi, as it catches up with lower consumption and significantly better equipment: As an Elegance, it is around 2,500 euros more expensive, but it brings the parking sensors with it and makes the way home pleasant with bi-xenon headlights, leather seats or cruise control. In addition, its stereo system and CD changer ensure relaxation. Gathering a little strength doesn't hurt either. Those who have packed properly have to unpack a lot at the end of the day.


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