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Ford Mondeo Hybrid in the driving report: E-support helps save

Ford Mondeo Hybrid in the driving report
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D he Americans are ahead of Europeans. While the merger has already found 85,000 buyers in the USA, the almost identical Ford Mondeo is not expected here until late summer 2014. Also included is the hybrid variant, which is already established in America, in which, as in the C-Max Energi, the power split drive concept with two electric motors, a two-liter petrol engine and a planetary set acting as a CVT transmission work together. For a quieter interior in the Ford Mondeo, there is an active noise cancellation system that can further minimize disruptive driving noises via the audio system.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid with 4.5 liter consumption

On a first test drive, the US Ford Mondeo pleases with its quiet and smooth rolling. Like the C-Max, it can go up to 137 km /h on electric power alone. Only when there is an acute lack of electricity or more extensive power demand does the gasoline engine switch on in a pleasantly cautious manner. Ford estimates the standard consumption of the future Ford Mondeo Hybrid at 4.5 L /100 km, prices in Germany could start at 30,000 euros. The significantly more expensive plug-in version “Energi” will probably find its way to Europe at a later date. Waiting for it has an advantage: US experience ensures that the technology is fully developed.


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