Ford Mondeo 2.0 tournament in the test

Stephan Lindloff, Peter Wolkenstein
Ford Mondeo 2.0 tournament in the test
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B in a Ford S-Max, the last Ford in the annual test, the balance was not only positive in mid-2008. Many small defects and a sometimes careless workmanship clouded the handling of the dynamic van. The current Ford Mondeo, launched in 2007, is based on the same technical base and also rolls off the production line in Genk, Belgium. Does that mean he is struggling with the same problems?

Ford Mondeo tournament reliably passes endurance test

No, he doesn't. The test copy, a cedar green metallic painted tournament with a 145 hp two-liter petrol engine and trendy equipment, proved to be extremely reliable over the entire test distance of 60,000 kilometers. A marten had to bite into the lambda probe cable to send the Ford to the workshop on an unscheduled basis. Otherwise, the mechanics only saw it every 20,000 kilometers, during which they did not have to carry out more than the prescribed inspections. Additional work was only required during the last maintenance shortly before the end of the endurance test. The rear brake pads were approaching the wear limit and were replaced (117.86 €), which according to the workshop is not unusual, since the pads on the front axle are larger.

Consumption in the test at 10.1 liters per 100 km

Otherwise, the Ford Mondeo tournament ran like clockwork in the endurance test - undemanding, but not particularly frugal. A total of 1.5 liters of lubricant had to be refilled before the first oil change at 20,000 kilometers. After that, the four-valve engine only wanted half a liter of fresh oil between the change intervals. Regular checks with a dipstick remained essential and required laborious lifting of the heavy bonnet, because Ford did not buy gas pressure lifters. At the pump, the Ford Mondeo tournament also showed only moderate reluctance. The average consumption leveled off at an acceptable 10.1 liters per 100 kilometers - after all, the four-cylinder must get a 1.5-ton station wagon in the Mercedes E-Class format going.

The station wagon lacks a 6 . Gear

With the accelerated foot restrained, it remained under ten liters, the minimum value was even 7.5 L /100 km. But when the Mondeo was used for long stages, complaints about the engine in the logbook increased: Despite a short gear ratio, it offers little pulling power and isLoud and thirsty because there is no engine speed-saving sixth gear. When driving fast on the motorway, over 13 liters /100 km flow through the combustion chambers. Nevertheless, thanks to the 70-liter fuel tank, the Mondeo always has a range of at least 500 kilometers. Otherwise, the spacious Ford Mondeo tournament has everything you need for a comfortable journey. The chassis presents itself in a balanced way, the good suspension comfort is praised as well as the precise response of the pleasantly direct steering - no wonder then that the Ford was also happy to move quickly.

Width corresponds to upper class level

The clarity of the 4.83 meter long station wagon is not the best in any case, which is why Parking sensors at the front and rear (505 €) are among the important extras. However, there is nothing you can do about the fact that in narrow parking garages you should be careful when maneuvering and getting out of the car. Because the width of 1.89 meters is almost upper class.

High loss of value after long-term test

The adaptive steering headlights devoured an additional 465 EUR, whose low beam could not convince everyone in terms of brightness. Bi-Xenon headlights cost € 960, but are not offered with a steering function. The most common praise for good visibility was the heated windscreen for € 210 extra. For the navigation system, the editors decided on the entry-level solution “Blaupunkt TravelPilot FX” for € 1,615 at the time. Today it only costs € 1,060, since the audio system 6000CD is now part of the standard scope of the trend version. Although the navigation system was convincing overall with its small five-inch color display, occasional minor problems with the route guidance occurred on back roads. Including a few other extras such as automatic air conditioning, roof rails and sliding glass roof, the price at the start of the test totaled € 31,960.

A year later, the Ford is largely unaffected by the rigors of the 60,000 kilometers. The owners are more troubled by the high loss in value: According to the estimate, it is only worth around € 16,500 today. Second-hand buyers can look forward to twice as much.


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