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Erlkönig VW Arteon Facelift (2020): Update for the Coupé & amp; new station wagon

Erlkönig VW Arteon Facelift (2020)
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2 020 Volkswagen is expanding the Arteon product range by one sporty station wagon version, the notchback gets a facelift before it is discontinued at the generation change - the Arteon successor will probably only be available as a station wagon. The facelift will be presented in June, with the fresh Arteon arriving at dealers shortly afterwards. The Passat Coupé remains true to its basics. The large badge radiator that extends into the headlights is a defining feature of the style. As befits their status, they come with an LED matrix option and revised lighting graphics.

Stefan Baldauf
Minimal retouching at the rear: The narrow LED rear lights remain almost unchanged in their basic shape.

Digital cockpit and new lights

With the facelift, the front apron is given more profile and no longer looks as round as the pre-facelift model. There are also minimal retouching at the rear. The narrow LED rear lights remain unchanged in their basic form, they only have a new graphic. The rear spoiler and apron are practically indistinguishable from the current model. Too little differentiation from the technically related Passat in the interior was the most frequent criticism of the Arteon. According to VW, the four-door coupé gets a completely new cockpit landscape with an update to the current infotainment systems of the third-generation modular infotainment kit (MIB3) for the facelift. It should then better match the more dynamic body design of the flatter and longer Passat brother, but should look similar to that of the luxury SUV Touareg.

Plug-in hybrid with 55 kilometers of electric range

We can currently only speculate on the subject of drives. The Arteon is currently available in three engine versionsoffered. On the petrol side, there is a 1.5-liter TSI with 150 hp and a two-liter TSI with 272 hp. The diesel engines have the two-liter four-cylinder turbo with 150 and 190 hp. A plug-in version will probably be added to the facelift for all body variants. Its main features are known from the Passat GTE: a four-cylinder TSI shares the work with an electric motor, together they generate 218 hp. Electric range: 55 kilometers according to the WLTP standard.


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