Engine variant comparison Mercedes C 220 d and C 250 d

Arturo Rivas
Comparison of engine variants Mercedes C 220 d versus C 250 d
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S is the case with a mid-range diesel model first of all a 2 at the beginning of the performance rating, then expectations skyrocket. After all, 200 and more horsepower indicate plenty of torque. And indeed: on the Mercedes C 250 d, the data box shows an enormous 500 Nm. Boy, boy, boy. 100 Nm less is the weaker variant of the 2.1-liter four-cylinder, paired with a minus of 34 hp. Also lower: the price, at least 2,945 euros. Now that in the league over 40,000 euros may no longer play the decisive role. But it is just as possible that these three thousand are better invested in additional equipment; The surcharge list at Mercedes offers more than enough temptations.

In order to make a conclusive recommendation to interested parties, Lingner and Peters drive both cars in a convoy on the same routes and switch over and over again. On the first turn the 250 d is ahead and the 220 d follows it - on the heel. At first he doesn't even let himself hang on an unlimited and free section of the highway, he bravely stays in the slipstream. Same game when switching drivers. Independently of each other, both testers rave about how vehemently the less motorized C-Class accelerates even in high regions and in no way feels like a forced-throttled engine.

Arturo Rivas
Both the same? Not only does it look and feel like it. The C 220 d drives at the rear, the more powerful C 250 d at the front.

Subjectively, the Mercedes C 220 d is hardly at a disadvantage

Now the performance speaks in theData box at the bottom left is a completely different language. When sprinting from standstill to 100 km /h, the 220 to the 250 loses eight tenths of a second, at top speed the delta is 14 km /h. However, the numbers here do not reflect the actual driving impression on the road. The comparison drive on the country road is similar to that on the motorway before.

When accelerating out of tight bends, the 204 PS Mercedes does not gain a lead. Again, the weaker C-Class follows closely and does not seem strained. If you didn't know about the differences in performance, you would probably bet on a tie.

There is also a tie when it comes to consumption

No recommendation can be derived from the consumption values: the differences in the eco and commuter round are in the tenth range and are unlikely to make the difference when choosing. The same applies to the maintenance costs, which are only minimally different. Assuming a mileage of 20,000 a year, the C 250 d costs just 13 euros more per month (including depreciation).

Ultimately, the purchase price decides that the tip for the C-Class fits the Mercedes brand Swabian: Save the surcharge for the more powerful 2.1-liter - the version with 170 hp and 400 Nm is completely sufficient. Don't let yourself be drawn into the spell of high performance and torque figures, but rather browse through the list of options. Our recommendation in this comparison: a nicely furnished C 220 d



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