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I Somehow the Peugeot 3008 couldn't really decide in its previous life, i.e. in the first generation, what it actually wanted to be. SUV or a van or even a crossover? The identity crisis is over - the predecessor of the current 3008 is so embarrassing that it has even switched segments and is clearly identifiable as a compact SUV. The 3008 does not take up the extravagant design for itself. The 508 also has a say in this, as it competes in our duel as a SW version. Lots of chic and nothing behind it, or extravagant jack-of-all-trades? Which car has more to offer, we clarify in this episode of either OR (you can find the complete video below in the article).

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The editors Patrick Lang and Thomas deliver in either OR format We always gray the purchase advice for two models from the same manufacturer in order to find out which car is the better for you.

Let's explain quickly first what to expect here. In our “Either OR” format, the two editors Patrick Lang and Thomas Grau always compare two vehicles from the same manufacturer. We do not collect any measurement data or test according to the classic auto motor und sport scheme. This is about buying advice and finding out which of the two models is right for you. We take a look at the configurator, check the interior, the exterior and the trunk. In addition, there are of course impressions from driving in terms of clarity, comfort, sportiness, assistance systems and so on. Depending on which criteria apply to the respective vehiclesapply.

Twice GT with extras

Because both Peugeots roll up with the big diesel, they make 177 hp. And because that's the way it is, Peugeot rounds it up and calls it BlueHDI 180. Well, an AMG with the suffix “63” also no longer has a 6.3 liter displacement - so the choice of name is forgivable. Our two French drive up in the GT version and cost 53,420 euros (508SW) and 46,260 euros (3008) as a fully configured test car. This includes extras for around 5,500 euros. Overall, there are no small amounts to be debited from the current account at the time of purchase - so we will find out whether they are worth the money.

The 508 replaces the discontinued 407 for the general public and the flagship in the current model portfolio 607 in personal union. As a GT, our station wagon underlines this claim from the outside with its stately 19-inch model, a width of 1.86 meters (only 1.42 meters high), stylish LED strips as taillights and saber-toothed daytime running lights. The fact that the roof line slopes backwards doesn't bother rear passengers either when getting in or when sitting - everyone who is allowed to look at the car from the outside is pleased because the line is so beautifully designed. But if you sit in it, you can also look forward to a beautiful design. Real wood décor is available for 200 euros, plus a dark headliner and a real cockpit feeling for the detached driver. The fact that the inductive charging cradle was positioned under the protruding center console, however, is less than happy.

Smooth overall impression

Incidentally, a 508 SW doesn't drive on the road, it rather glides. The gentle throttle response and the comfortable chassis in combination with comfortable seats go well with this. A very smooth overall impression is created here after just a few meters. Even the 12.3-inch infotainment screen with its matt surface exudes an unexpected calm instead of shining brightly into the interior. However, the visibility of the digital instruments in the i-Cockpit is somewhat reduced in strong light. The active lane departure warning system, which only requires the driver to intervene very late, is remarkable. In order to operate the adaptive cruise control, however, one should memorize the button layout of the corresponding satellite on the left under the steering wheel. Because the control element is virtually invisible while driving because it is covered by the valance.

What advantages can the compact SUV 3008 have for itself? The design is undoubtedly a matter of taste, but that's always the case. A quantum leap to the predecessor cannot be dismissed out of hand. The 3008 also has a practical advantage, at least compared to the 508 SW. The trunk is in fact no bigger (520 liters vs 530 liters), but it is more usable. While you almost have to crawl into the station wagon because the cargo space is so deep, the rear compartment of the 3008significantly more comfortable to load.

This time they both agree on who will win here.

The active compact SUV

The interior of the 3008 actually doesn't look as similar to that of the 508 as you would expect. For example, the infotainment screen sits on top of the dashboard, instead of being integrated into the front as in the station wagon. What both have in common is the high-quality overall impression of the full leather interior, controls and decor. When driving, however, the four-cylinder diesel of the SUV model speaks more gruffly than in the 508. That diminishes the impression of comfort, but the 3008 also wants to be one of the active representatives of its class. This is underscored by the tighter steering in Sport mode and the overall taut chassis with surprisingly low body roll. If you want to have even more driving impressions, data, facts and prices on the two French riders, then just take a look at the complete Either OR episode right here.

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