DTE Systems BMW 540i (G31): Almost 400 PS for the 5 Series

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DTE Systems BMW 540i (G31)
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D amit should give the 540i to 397 hp and bring 530 Nm. The 5 Series with rear-wheel drive can go from zero to a hundred in 5.1 seconds, xDrive models reach that speed in 4.8 seconds. The pedal box, which is also available, also changes the gas pedal characteristic curve and should thus ensure a sportier throttle response of the vehicle.

DTE Systems
The additional control unit' Power Control X 'gives the 5 Series Touring 57 additional horsepower and 80 Nm more torque.
various versions. The pedal box influences the accelerator pedal characteristic, which means that the vehicle should react more quickly to the accelerator pedal movement.

The driver can choose between four different programs (City, Sport, Sport-Plus and the standard setting) with the plus and minus buttons on the remote control, similar to the additional control device, in three further stages. The basic version costs 179 euros, a more powerful version is available for 229 euros.

Packages can be retrofitted at any time

DTE Systems promises to be able to expand the two tuning packages at any time, so that the vehicle is restored to its original state. In addition, both the additional control unit and the accelerator pedal box can be installed in a new vehicle. Depending on the package, the tuners do the conversion up to two times free of charge.

DTE Systems grants a two-year engine guarantee up to 80,000 kilometers and 7,500 euros for the cheaper power control box, for the 100 euros more expensive power control box. X-Box has a three-year engine guarantee up to 100,000 kilometers and 10,000 euros. A manufacturer's guarantee of two years applies to the pedal box.


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