Driving report Mercedes C 63 S Coupé

Dieter Rebman
Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupé in the driving report
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' It works, 'says AMG boss Tobias Moers,' at the level of the predecessor Black Series - Series C204 '. By that he means the lap times on the Nordschleife, and suggests that the new C 63 S should be just under 7:40 minutes. After the first test laps, however, one could assume that even this statement may still be stacked pretty deep.

The biturbo V8 with four liters of displacement and 510 hp is not even the jewel of the C, but the one Elaborately redesigned rear axle, which fundamentally differentiates the Coupé from the C-63 sedan.

Uniball joints, new rear axle carriers, new wheel carriers, stiffer elastokinematics, electronic locking differential - the rear axle is practically a new design. And because of its wider track, it requires an equally wider rear. Incidentally, the thick jaws are not retrofitted, but are already used in the body-in-white from specially pressed sheet metal parts. They look good on the C Coupé without question.

Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupé: Wide rear axle

What is much nicer, however, is that the wide rear axle not only looks nicer, but also much nicer moves. That can be said after a few practice laps at the Ascari Race Resort. It's not the sheer speed that is so impressive about the AMG Coupé, that's what you simply expect. Of course, the V8 pushes like hell and the Speedshift gearbox quickly shifts into the next gears - the wide, well-developed route suddenly becomes narrow and the straights very short.

The coupé is very neutral and clean fast corners, turns cleanly and seamlessly, you have to force it to understeer. The steering is not too light, provides reliable grip reports to the driver and reacts so precisely and quickly that small swings in the rear can be effortlessly parried when accelerating out. Everything fits, especially when the optional composite brake system (4,998 euros) and the performance seats are on board. The sportiest C-Class of all time? Perhaps. The hottest? Definitely.


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