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Driving report Ford Mondeo Vignale 4x4: Mondeo with shine and glory

Driving report Ford Mondeo Vignale 4x4
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N oh my duty now the freestyle: Ford tries it too noble. Codeword Vignale - under this label the Mondeo, and later also the S-Max, will be launched as a top-of-the-range version. Ford not only promises a better finish through an extra-complex final inspection and pompous standard equipment. In addition, as is usually known from luxury brands with hand-picked customers, an exclusive workshop service is to be established - including free car washes once a month. And: for the first time the Mondeo is allowed to drive all-wheel drive, albeit as Vignale only in a single engine /transmission combination. In the 'normal' Mondeo there will be four-wheel drive in further variants.

Ford Mondeo Vignale from 40,700 euros

The cheapest variant is the Ford Mondeo Vignale with the two-liter Ecoboost gasoline engine for 40,700 euros into the race. Confident 45,000 euros, at the tournament even a thousand more, you have to spend on the four powered Vignale wheels in the 2.0 TDCi. This means that the 4x4 model also occupies the top position in the price list. For this there is the 180-horsepower diesel, the automatic six-speed dual clutch transmission and the feudal Vignale standard equipment. This includes a particularly flattering leather for the seats and the cover of the panels up to the dashboard, but also technical refinements such as the specially insulated acoustic glass for the side windows and the 'active noise compensation system'. If you are familiar with airplane headphones, this also works like this: Noise sources in the car are filtered out of the audio system with sound waves oscillating in opposite directions.

However, the Vignale is not yet 'full': Further options like adaptive cruise control, air-conditioned Front seats or the chassis with electronic damper control cost additional, so that the price of the Ford Mondeo Vignale 4x4 can effortlessly lift towards the 50,000 euro mark.

The fine leather on the many surfaces, so may after the First contact is confirmed, looks good and feels the same. Nevertheless, the Vignale remains unmistakably Mondeo - the large plastic landscape in the central control panel for air conditioning and multimedia as well as around the gear lever does not quite correspond with the rest of the outfit.

Ford Mondeo Vignale with clever all-wheel drive

The all-wheel drive is an in-house development by Ford and comes in a similar form with the large SUV Edgefor use. As is common today, there is a smart comrade who not only reacts bluntly to wheel slip, but also includes driving parameters in his considerations and reacts to the driving style himself. The system puts dreamy tourist trips into twilight. If, on the other hand, the gassed is committed, the electronics tense the muscles as a precaution and act in advance, with force already migrating backwards on a straight line. The power take-off on the engine, from which the drive shaft goes to the electronically controlled multi-plate clutch on the rear axle, is also the reason for the all-wheel drive limitation to the 180-hp machine: the new 210-hp bi-turbo has the second charger in the Away.

The all-wheel drive system packs 102 kilos onto the Mondeo's already not light weight. That spoils the consumption values ​​(standard consumption plus 0.4 liters), whereby the two-liter TDCI clearly missed the factory setting (5.2 l /100 km) on our first trip - the on-board computer reported 8.2 liters after the test drive. The extra weight lets the Ford Mondeo Vignale spring a bit more dignified. This is where the strength of the big Ford clearly lies: it even traverses bad cobbler streets calmly and with remarkable comfort. The direct and responsive steering is no longer as jagged as its predecessor, but still has enough potential to let it fly on the home track at the weekend. The four-wheel drive secures the Ford Mondeo Vignale in attack mode on the neutral side for a long time before the ESP protests.

While the dual-clutch transmission reacts well and shifts snuggly during normal driving, it is sometimes a tad too perplexed during kickdown, making the four-cylinder cheer for a long time instead of letting the torque work in a higher gear.

On the other hand, the Vignale scores with its noise comfort on long journeys. At constant speed, the engine acoustics are actually almost faded out and the car turns into a whisper lounge. Only when the load changes rapidly, for example during intermediate acceleration, is the noise cancellation system checkmated for a short time and you can hear the four-cylinder more clearly. Objectionable is, however, clearly complaining at a high level. Especially since additional insulation measures reduce the driving noise in the classic way without electronic tricks. The Ford Mondeo Vignale has improved wheel arch linings to filter out rolling noise, thicker carpets and the aforementioned acoustic glass, which uses a special lamination to reduce wind noise.


Quiet, comfortable, well equipped - the Vignale drives fine and defines a new level of luxury for Cologne residents. Still: A lot of money for a Ford. Let's see what customers think about it. Ford wants to sell 700 Mondeo Vignale in Germany this year,2,000 precious Mondeo are targeted for 2016.


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