Cadillac CT4 (2020): New mid-range Caddy is coming

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Cadillac CT4 (2020)
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C adillac is in the middle of a limousine offensive. After the CT6 and CT5, the luxury brand of the General Motors Group is launching the next notchback model, the CT4, in the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class formats. Accordingly, the newcomer, which is to be sold worldwide, follows the ATS, which has been built since 2012. The car will play an important role in the future Cadillac portfolio, because it should conquer customers of other brands: 'We developed the CT4 to appeal to young buyers in the luxury market who are new to Cadillac,' says Head of Design Andrew Smith.

With eight different combinations of interior colors, materials and trim, the interior can be customized to a large extent.

The new Cadillac CT4 can be ordered towards the end of the year. The GM subsidiary is still keeping a low profile on prices and the exact date of the market launch. It is also unclear whether the car will end up in sedan-skeptical Europe. In addition to North America, the worldwide sales mentioned at the beginning mean China, where Cadillac is very well established in the market.


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