Byton K-Byte Concept (2018): Electric sedan from China

Byton K-Byte Concept (2018)
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With the M-Byte the Chinese car manufacturer Byton has ready s presented an electric SUV that is due to hit the domestic market at the end of 2019 - North America and Europe will follow later. Now the sedan study K-Byte follows. The sedan markets in the USA and Europe are collapsing rapidly, but there still seem to be enough customers in China for this body shape. In September 2017, the Chinese manufacturer Borgward issued the Isabella Concept sedan study brought to the IAA and thus ventured out of its SUV corner for the first time. In contrast to Borgward, Byton does not have a single production model on the road, but continues to accelerate when it comes to model announcements. According to the K-Byte also give a family van, the name of which the Chinese have not yet revealed. Should Byton base its name on the digital technology unit of measurement 'Byte', after kilobytes (K) and megabytes (M), gigabytes or terabytes would come into question - then the van would be called G-Byte or T-Byte. A simple V-Byte for “Van” would also be conceivable.

While the M-Byte is supposed to be a near-series prototype, in which we could already ride , the K-Byte is still a study for which has not yet been communicated a market launch date. As with the M-Byte, Byton chief designer Benoit Jacob also uses reduced forms for the K-Byte. Noticeable are the lidar sensors that are explicitly exposed on the sides and on the roof, which are required for autonomous driving. According to Jacob, status symbols such as “chrome grills, rubber spoilers and twin tailpipes” have given way to attributes such as “sensors, cameras and high-resolution displays”. However, you canthe side sensors automatically disappear into the body behind a flush-fitting flap when not in use, as can be seen in the first pictures published by Byton. Whether the roof sensors can also be lowered cannot be seen, but it is unlikely.

Crisp overhang at the front, stronger rear: Byton's new sedan study K-Byte.

Hyundai Nexo , the K-Byte also carries so-called Aeroblades on the C-pillars. There the wind can flow through the C-pillars, which keeps the flow longer on the vehicle surface. A narrow, continuous light runs horizontally at the rear, as has been the trend with many manufacturers for some time.

Byton has not yet published any pictures of the interior of the K-Byte. However, here, too, the designers speak of a display that stretches across the entire width of the vehicle - with this feature, the M-byte caught the eye. Both vehicles are based on the same manufacturer's e-platform.

Byton vom K -Byte not yet: As with the SUV prototype M-Byte, a screen with the K-Byte is drawn across the entire width of the vehicle in front of the driver and front passenger. There is also a screen on the steering wheel.

M-Byte would like to use the electric SUV Byton will bring its first car to the Chinese market in late 2019. Other markets will follow later.

Auto China in Beijing provided many Chinese in 2018Car manufacturers propose electric SUVs as “smartphones on wheels” with large screens in the interior. The selection of electric SUVs is currently still manageable: Tesla has the expensive Model X on offer, from summer 2018 the smaller Jaguar i-Pace brings Audi on the e-tron quattro the market. Even the Chinese manufacturer Faraday Future, which has recently hit the headlines because of financial problems, wants to be 1,000 PS electric SUV FF 91 will be producing in three shifts from the end of this year. At the market launch of the M-Byte, it should be found in an already better ordered field of competing models from established and new manufacturers. The same should then apply to the K-Byte sedan coming later.


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