BMW M440i xDrive (2020) first test

BMW M440i xDrive (2020) driving report
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N , this time not a treatise on the kidney, that Subject is through. Let's talk about B58B30TÜ1: This is the colleague behind the much-discussed grille of the new BMW M440i. The three-liter in-line six-cylinder in the 'upper performance level' has strengthened itself for the new workplace in the 4-series Coupé: A mild hybrid combination with a starter generator and 48-volt battery system brings new tension to the area around the charged six-cylinder and promises more efficiency through recuperation . As a result, an additional eleven horsepower can be added to the 374 of the internal combustion engine at short notice - also manually commanded using a shift paddle. BMW cites overtaking maneuvers as a deployment scenario for this process.

Of course, after the first encounter with the M440i xDrive and its expected massive power development, the question remains in which overtaking situation on public roads this additional kick should be necessary. As in the M340i, the 350 bar direct injection twin-scroll turbo engine provides seamless and very powerful thrust that catapults you into the deep red Flensburg points area on country roads within a very short time.

Strongly individualized body

In contrast to the F32 predecessor model, the packaging literally makes thick cheeks: The BMW designers focused on a clear distinction from the 3-series model, not only with the roof line, but also, for example, with the wide rear Wheel arches succeeded in swelling into the rearview mirror, unlike BMW. This also creates the necessary clearance for the track, which is 23 millimeters wider than that of the sedan. On the other hand, the extensive stiffening measures in the body structure are invisible from the outside and at the same time offer technical support for the sports suspension, which is less robust and unyielding than the M340i.

So the BMW M440i xDrive does not become a soft-washed cruiser, but the Coordination looks fresher and more defined, especially on country roads than in the M340 sedan. And the chassis actually brings about a Gran Turismo-worthy long-distance comfort despite the unconditional cornering competence. Thankfully, this makes it possible to leave the adaptive chassis (585 euros) in the sport setting in everyday life and to be able to charge it spontaneously in between without having to use the individual settings.

BMW /Daniel Kraus
The 4 Series Coupé should be a driving pleasure machine: With the M440i xDrive, additional stiffening struts ensure more precise driving behavior.

Adaptive sports steering in the BMW M440i xDrive

The furious footwork is supported by the adaptive sports steering, which, depending on the driving situation, is razor-sharp or Acts widely and is remarkable in every situation Precision works. This allows the M440i to be directed with a high degree of accuracy over winding country roads as well as stoically and calmly celebrating high-speed travel on the open motorway. The xDrive all-wheel drive in the M440i has a variable design and only drives the front axle in appropriate driving situations, but it always remains slightly rear-heavy, even with dedicated use.

The furnishings of the M440i xDrive contribute to the character of the coupé. As a result of the lowering of the roof line - the new 4 Series is 57 millimeters lower than the 3 Series Sedan - the stalls have also been moved downwards. With the lower seating position in the standard sports seats on the M440i, framed by the door and high center console, there is a correspondingly sporty atmosphere. The back seat? Well, there is a fair amount of space. But for the regular transport of more than two passengers, possibly out of elementary school age, BMW still has the 3 Series Touring ready.

BMW /Daniel Kraus The standard sport leather seats are comfortable and provide really good lateral support. Even taller occupants still enjoy plenty of headroom.

The mild hybrid system not only supports the machine when it comes to demanding full performance, but also before especially in everyday life. The starter generator allows 'sailing' up to a speed of 160 km /h. When braking, the stop /start system is already active below 15 km /h; In addition, the energy recuperation ensures greater efficiency compared to a normal alternator. As a result, according to the on-board computer, the BMW M440i xDrive can be moved in the eight-liter range even with a brisk driving style. Even the very committed test drive, including a fast stretch of the motorway, showed an average value of just over ten liters on the consumption display. In view of the performance, that is quite remarkable.

BMW is calling a list price of 65,213 euros for the M440i xDrive (as of October 2020 with 16% VAT); after all, around 20,000 euros less than the upcoming M4 with 480 hp and manual transmission will cost. Potential customers inevitably ask themselves whether this model is ultimately the better M after all.


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