BMW 5-series tuning: up to 800 hp in the M5 are possible

BMW 5-series tuning
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G -Power gets 800 HP out of the BMW M5

G-Power gets up to 800 PS out of the BMW M5 (F90).

Tuners get up to 800 PS from the current BMW M5 (F90) with 600 PS or 625 PS at the Competition. Who created this brand? G-Power. After the performance cure of a whopping 200 hp and 230 Newton meters (now 980 Newton meters), the Munich sprint sprints up to 100 km /h in 2.9 seconds and drives over 335 kilometers per hour.

G-Power achieves the increase in performance with a Mixture of software and hardware modifications. The G-Power Performance Software V3 costs 5,415 euros, the Vmax increase 795 euros, the turbloader modification 5,772 euros, the titanium exhaust system 8,240 euros, the 21-inch forged wheel set including tires 8,950 euros and the downpipes with catalysts 4,938 euros.

DTE Systems offers 96 hp for 1,299 euros

For whom 600 hp of the BMW M5 (F90) are not enough , he is now in the right place at DTE Systems. For 1,299 euros, the tuner offers a performance increase of 96 hp and 146 Newton meters to 696 hp and 896 Nm. The intermediate sprint from 100 to 200 kilometers per hour should also be completed 1.6 seconds faster. After 3.3 seconds, the speed limit is 100.

DTE Systems
DTE Systems customers can select different modes of their BMW M5 via smartphone app.

The tuning box is connected to the engine management sensors, including the camshaft, intake manifold pressure and boost pressure. The signals are recorded and optimally forwarded to the BMW control unit. In addition, there is an accelerator pedal tuning that can be controlled via a keypad on the tuning box as well as via a smartphone app. The driver can also select the “Sport”, “Sport +”, “City” and “Series” tuning programs. The tuning app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Speed ​​Buster misses M5 747 PS

Chip tuner Speed ​​Buster from Sinzig has programmed an additional control unit for the engine management system for the BMW M5 (F90), which elicits an additional 147 hp and an additional 125 Nm of torque from the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8. In total, the performance of the BMW M5 increases to 747 hp and 875 Nm. A warm-up control only allows full power to be called up when the engine is warm, and Speed ​​Buster promises up to 15 percent lower consumption.

The power box including a three-year engine guarantee is available for 999 euros. An additional gas pedal box for faster response costs 179 euros, an app control is available for 229 euros.

The 723 hp Manhart MH5 700 sprints from 100 to 200 km /h in 5.9 seconds.

Manhart gets 723 PS from the M5

Manhart leaves the MH5 700 based on the BMW M5 (F90) off the chain. The familiar 4.4 literlarge biturbo V8 engine now delivers 723 hp and 870 Newton meters of torque. This 123 HP and 120 Nm increase is thanks to the MHtronik additional ECU. The all-wheel drive completes the intermediate sprint of 100 to 200 kilometers per hour in 5.9 seconds.

In addition to the impressive inner values, the MH5 700 comes with a carbon package for the exterior around the corner. A new carbon front spoiler is now emblazoned on the front, a new rear spoiler and a one-piece carbon rear diffuser can be seen at the rear. With the help of the stainless steel exhaust system, it is acoustically extremely present not only in a cold start. The 102 millimeter carbon tailpipes and the 20 millimeter lowering round off the refinement of the 21-inch MH5 700.


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