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BMW 320d in the test: Efficient Dynamics Edition at no extra charge

Achim Hartmann
BMW 320d in the test
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D he lower-consumption BMW 320d is called Efficient Dynamics Edition, what does not even fit on the test car's key ring and sounds even bumpier than the colorful names of the competition such as Blue Efficiency or Greenline.

There is no extra charge

But the economy model does not cost more than the normal BMW 320d. The recently strengthened by seven to 184 hp and reduced its standard consumption by 0.1 to 4.7 L /100 km. The edition promises another 0.6 L (16 g CO2 /km) less, which initially saves on performance. With 163 hp, it hardly lags behind the normal version in terms of performance. In terms of driving dynamics, it is on par, benefits from an optimally balanced weight distribution and, as an edition, from the standard lowering. However, this reduces the suspension talent, which is not particularly pronounced anyway.

Efficient Dynamics: The joy of saving

The savings measures reduce consumption. At 6.4 L /100 km, the test consumption is already 0.6 L below that of the previous 177 hp BMW 320d. But driven cautiously, the edition was content with even 3.8 L /100 km on the auto motor und sport standard circuit - an excellent value with which the almost 1.5-ton sedan gave the 105 PS strong VW Passat Blue Motion undercuts. The BMW trick: a centrifugal pendulum in the dual mass flywheel enables jerk-free acceleration from 1,000 rpm and thus very low-speed driving. If the strict gearshift indicator is observed, the needle of the tour meter preferably brushes over the range up to 1,500 /min, the diesel hums easily at 70 km /h in sixth gear at 1,000 /min. That doesn't quite correspond to the traditional idea of ​​sheer driving pleasure, but that of the joy of saving does.


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