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BMW 3 Series Touring in the driving report: Close to the perfect car

Wolfgang Kroeger-Meier
BMW 3 Series Touring in the driving report
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V on because of impractical lifestyle vice, the There's nothing to put away, in whose deep-pile velor trunk at most a few shopping bags get lost. The BMW 3 Series Touring finally wants to be a real estate car with plenty of space and clever packing ideas. 'We had some catching up to do in this area,' says project manager Ralf Gruenn.

With its standard trunk, which has grown by 35 liters, it does not play in a different league, but at least it leaves the station wagon competitors Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class behind. The maximum volume even increased by 115 to a smooth 1,500 liters - and suddenly even a 5 Series Touring with its 1,670 liters is not that far away. But not only liter counters get their money's worth: to simplify loading, the tailgate of the new BMW 3 Series Touring is lifted as standard by an electric arm that is set in motion at the command of the key remote control or gesture control. For owners of low garages, the maximum opening angle can be limited in the i-Drive menu. The classic touring specialty of the separately folding rear window has remained.

New BMW 3 Series Touring for fans of tidiness

When the rear door is open, the wide and, at 62 centimeters, low loading sill of the BMW falls first 3 Touring, which is protected from scratches by two stainless steel inlays. Additional LED lights in the tailgate also illuminate the rear area at night. The heavy roller blind box for the luggage net and trunk cover is now divided into two separate cassettes, which can be easily unlocked and removed without straining your back. To stow the trunk blind, a special compartment was created under the floor, which Gruenn is particularly proud of: 'Because it affects the body shell, the interior people had to fight hard for it'. Tidiness fans will also find plenty of bag hooks, straps and nets with which they can be stowed, lashed and fixed to their hearts' content.

Should it get too tight in the back of the BMW 3 Series Touring, the backrest can be folded down in a 40:20:40 ratio. If you want to start the ski weekend with four people, you just fold the middle section forward and slide your sports equipment between the two outdoor courts. When the rear seat is completely flat, the result is a stepless, only slightly rising loading floor.

LargerWheelbase, higher roof

The 50 extra millimeters in the wheelbase and the higher roof of the new BMW 3 Series Touring are not only beneficial for luggage. Rear passengers can also look forward to more head and knee space as well as a comfortably padded rear bench with fold-out armrests and cup holders. Incidentally, the growth in height should not lead to more weight. With an increased proportion of high-strength steels in the body shop, it was even possible to lose up to 40 kg, depending on the model - with improved rigidity.

Everything up to the B-pillar is the same as in the 3-series sedan anyway, so that too Station wagon drivers can enjoy a perfect seating position and many luxury class options. From the colored head-up display to the adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go function to the eight-speed automatic, the new BMW 3 Series Touring can be upgraded to a luxury truck, which also leaves its class limits far behind in terms of price. Only the quality level does not increase in the same way: For a car that easily breaks the 50,000 euro barrier, there is a bit of hard plastic on the center console or the door pockets.

First 3 Series with new i-Drive generation

After all, the station wagon is the first BMW 3 Series to get the new one i-Drive generation donated with modern graphics. Thanks to the faster processor, inputs are quicker, and operation has been streamlined. Real-time traffic information no longer needs to be fished from the depths of the menu, but rather clicked next to the navigation map.

At the start in September, there are three motors to choose from. In addition to the diesels 320d and 330d, the 328i starts with the gasoline engines. The basic versions 320i, 318d and 316d will follow at the end of the year (from 32,350 euros). Objectively speaking, the BMW 328i Touring with turbo four-cylinder, 245 hp and automatic that we drive does its job well. Thanks to the full torque from 1,250 rpm, it forcefully presses the 1.6-tonne truck out of the lower rev range and then turns lightly up to the 7,000 mark. The mundane sound of the two-liter four-cylinder engine alone is disappointing, while the six-cylinder sound, which was once affordable for many brand fans, is reserved for the expensive top versions.

BMW 3 Series Touring can be controlled precisely

Perhaps the only step backwards of the model change. With the sedan's chassis components, which are mainly made of cast aluminum, almost balanced weight distribution and a significantly wider track than its predecessor (plus 48 millimeters on the rear axle), the BMW 3 Series Touring otherwise circles corners with great enthusiasm. In addition, it can be precisely directed via its direct steering. Kombi customers at BMW have never had to fear a loss of dynamism.

The new BMW 3 Series Touring comes pretty close to the dream of the perfect car: After all, it combines enough space for most situations,high agility and state-of-the-art electronics with dimensions suitable for city centers


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