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Audi RS5 in the driving report: The new A5 top model introduces itself

Audi RS5 in the driving report
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W ie, no V6? There are many who would have bet a lot that the new Audi RS5 would leave the prestigious eight-cylinder guild and, in the spirit of contemporary downsizing and thus CO2 reduction, have a V6 compressor screwed under the bonnet. Because the brother Audi S4 has shown it that way and because the plans for the next BMW M3 with a supercharged six-cylinder have already leaked. And when BMW does something, Audi doesn't have to wait long in coming - and vice versa.

The V8 will make fans of classic engine building virtues shine

But in the 30th anniversary year they stayed in Neckarsulm at Quattro GmbH cool: The V8 stays in, that's it. And with it the animal roar from the twin-pipe exhaust system, politically correct by exhaust flaps depending on the area of ​​application - homologation or sound enjoyment - modulated. OK then. The small number of Audi RS5s sold will not even begin to ruin the climate, but will make many fans of classic engine building virtues shine like the standard xenon lights. The 450 hp of the RS are initially of secondary importance. Today, pure steam is one of the more freely adjustable values.

Even in the duel against the V8 in the Audi S5, the Audi RS5 swallows 1.7 liters less

The how, in other words, the ease with which the speed needle in the driving report goes up to the 8,500 m fast, the lightning-fast gas response and the broad nonchalance of the torque delivery characterize a successful modern sports engine like the 4.2-liter direct injection in the Audi RS5 much more appropriately. It may be that the FSI in the Audi RS5 does not have quite the merciless bite of the BMW M3 unit, but it is more elastic and, according to ECE, above all more economical. Even in the in-house duel against the V8 in the Audi S5, the RS swallows 1.7 liters less despite 96 hp more power. The fact that it turns up more loosely is probably thanks to its optimized, i.e. dethrottled, intake and exhaust tract.

The dual-clutch transmission works diligently and efficiently in the driving report

The driver has all his senses to do with assigning a speed to the driving speed. In the driving report, the dual-clutch transmission juggles between its seven gears at breakneck speed and with almost imperceptible connections: Just down into second for the intermediate sprint, shortly afterwards at 80, saving fuel in the long seventh. How hardworking and hard they areThe clutches snap also depends on which setting (Comfort, Auto or Dynamic) the driver has selected in the Drive Select menu of the Audi RS5.

The Audi RS5 is an incredible driving machine

With the blessings of electromechanics, the Audi RS5 seems to attack the rules of physics

When braking hard, DRC pushes away the nod in the driving report, braces itself against swaying when turning and leaves it to you Power distribution trio on the mission “No chance for understeer”. The standard dynamic torque distribution controls the slip on the front axle of the Audi RS5 by braking, the new self-locking crown gear center differential shifts the power to the axles without delay depending on the slip situation, and the active sport differential on the rear axle then apportions the power to each wheel individually ( Torque vectoring). And because all three work together, each one has to regulate significantly less than alone.

The Audi RS5 is an athlete and cruiser in one

Sounds complicated, so we translate it into driving experience: The Audi RS5 centrifuges like a slingshot when pulling around the bend. Hit the gas early, let it take you in and spread your grin up to your ears. The stiff steering in sport mode alone gives a feeling of having over 1.7 tons under the bottom. Just one click on Comfort is enough, and the Audi RS5, which is 20 millimeters lower, with wide jaws and extending rear spoiler, becomes a surprisingly smooth cruiser for the driving report. For this balancing act between comfort and sportiness, a double garage was needed in the past. All the same, 77,700 euros are due now - a lot more with extras.


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