Arden AJ 24 Jaguar XE Tuning

Arden AJ 24 Jaguar XE
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The Krefeld-based tuner is optically reserved. The J aguar XE was wrapped in a special black paint. Elements in yellow on the body set accents.

Suspension springs that have been shortened by 30 millimeters and also provide a tighter set-up should ensure more driving dynamics. In line with this, Arden has fitted the 19-inch Sportline Black Edition wheel arches. 225/40 tires keep the road contact all around. Wheel spacers by 15 mm are also available for the British.

More power for all engines

If you miss the old hood ornament on the new Jaguar, you can have the jumping predator mounted on the bonnet at Arden . Of course, the engine values ​​of the Jaguar XE don't forget. For example, the XE S top model, which is powered by a 3.0-liter V6 engine with supercharging, is helped by the Arden technicians with a new control unit to generate 422 hp and 573 Nm at a price of 2,250 euros. The other four-cylinder units add between 35 and 50 hp at a price of 1,654 euros.

The dynamics of the Arden AJ 24 are acoustically staged by an Arden sport rear silencer (1,654 euros) with two from one Arden 100 millimeter tailpipes with ennobled lettering and a sports center silencer (1,416 euros). Combined, they give the British sedan a sporty, bubbling sound and, thanks to the EC type approval, are completely free of registration. Alternatively, the Arden Active sound system (1,690 euros) is available for the diesel models, which also gives the diesel engines an authentic engine sound: there is a choice of five sound profiles that can be accessed by remote control, from the roaring V6 to the powerful roaring V8.

Arden upgrades the interior with a leather and Alcantara sports steering wheel with a red 12 o'clock marking, aluminum pedal pads and new carpets. At the customer's request, leather, carbon and precious wood are also processed.


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