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ABT Audi RS6 E1000: Driving report with 1,018 PS system performance

ABT Audi RS6 E1000 in the driving report
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This is how 1.018 hp accelerate

Everything is finite: patience, fossil fuels, the 1.1 kilometer straight on the old Memmingen military airport in particular. Only the thrust of the Abt Audi RS6-E1000 does indeed seem to have no end. Which in turn unfortunately favors the finiteness of said straight lines. But let's start from the beginning: The Abt team invited us to the Allgäu to experience first-hand what an acceleration with 1,018 hp feels like. There the hybridized RS6 is waiting at the foot of a dead straight asphalt symphony.

The power of the four-liter V8, which has already been modified to 730 PS, is loaded with an additional 288 electric PS and 371 Newton meters on the rear axle at the push of a button. However, that doesn't work out of the blue. Why? Well, if we were to spontaneously surprise the drive train with the total force of 1,291 Newton meters, there would probably be faces as long as on a children's birthday party without a cream cake. Therefore the car has to be in motion so that the power can do its job.

Achim Hartmann
The electric motor spits out everything it has to offer with a piercing siren.

How refreshingly simple is a driving report that focuses solely on the aspect of longitudinal dynamics. Curves don't matter at all today. So, fully slipped on the right pedal. The 2.2-ton colossus pushes with a roaring roar. The right oneThumb already hovers over the green boost button on the steering wheel so as not to waste a millisecond of the sweet thrust. As soon as we exceed 100 km /h, the time has come. With a piercing siren, the electric motor spits out everything it has to offer. Anyone who suspects a sentence like 'It presses you into the cushion' or 'The neck muscles have trouble fighting the punch' is wrong, because this is not an experience of this kind at all. The impressive thing about the additional power is the seeming infinity. Where conventional units at the upper end of the speed scale run out of air at some point, in the Abt RS6-E you get the feeling that it just keeps pushing you further. Without mercy and without breaking in. The end, however, can be quantified pretty precisely: after ten seconds, the e-boost is over. But the 1.1 kilometer straight is not enough for that long anyway.

Achim Hartmann
The right thumb is already floating over the green boost button on the steering wheel, not a millisecond of the sweet thrust waste.

Where do you stow 288 hp?

At the beginning of the RS6-E project there was a completely normal one Audi RS6 Avant. In its bow hits a 560 PS and 700 Nm strong four-liter twin-turbo V8. Tuner Abt brought it to 730 PS and 920 Nm using new engine control software and a more throughput exhaust system. This performance package is already available in stores as 'Abt Power R'. The prototype Abt RS6-E 1000 has more to offer, however, because the Abt engineers have installed an additional electric motor in the transmission tunnel to enable an additional boost on the rear axle at the push of a button. The electric motor, in combination with two shorter shafts, replaces the original cardan shaft and disappears almost invisibly under a silver heat shield. The battery nestles in the recess of the spare wheel in the trunk. “Our long-term goal is to offer this kind of tuning as a plug and play solution. And the wheel well or the transmission tunnel are installation spaces that are almost always available, ”explains Abt engineer Florian Miller.

With additional electric motor to over 1,000 PS

The electric motor briefly (maximum 10 seconds) delivers 213 kW (288 PS) and 317 Nm of torque to the rear axle . In total, this results in a peak system output of 1,018 hp and 1,291 Nm. However, the e-boost can only be switched on above 100 km /h in gears 3 to 8 when the accelerator pedal is at least 75 percent depressed. The necessary energy flows from a 13.6 kWh battery, which comes from the supplier Kreisel and sits under the trunk floor together with the power electronics. The additional coolers for the electric drive are located behind the front mask. The complete electric drive train weighs an additional 255 kilograms. The Abbot RS6-E weighs 2,205 kilograms.

Achim Hartmann
The necessary energy flows from a 13.6 kWh battery supplied by the supplier Kreisel comes from and sits under the trunk floor together with the power electronics.

Abt draws the know-how for the adapted electric drive from its use in the Formula E. The prototype Abt RS6-E 1000 should also show where it is going h the tuning industry could develop in the future if hybrid models and other alternative drives increasingly come into the focus of customers.

Proven aero package for the Avant

The aero package is known from the normal Abt6 RS6 Avant.

The AbtRS6-E 1000 is of course also optically out of line. The prototype was given a futuristic-looking full wrap, which is reminiscent of circuit boards in its design and thus also optically takes up the hybrid drive. In the wheel arches, there are 21-inch alloy wheels from the Abt range, which are fitted with special aero rings. The RS6-E 1000 appearance is rounded off by an aero package, as is also offered for the normal RS6. A new front lip, front apron attachments, mirror caps, wheel arch vents as well as side skirts and rear apron attachments along with the rear spoiler are installed. KW coilover springs ensure the proper lowering.

Abt does not mention a price for the hybrid prototype, but a spurt time. Zero to 100 km /h should be feasible in 3.3 seconds. Even with the more powerful combustion engine, the RS6-E 1000 runs at 320 km /h. The hybrid is also not faster because the translation is no longer available.


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