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X-Games 2012 Rallycross: Loeb in the Citroen DS3 XL

X-Games Citroen DS3 XL
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A On July 1st it's that time again: In Los Angeles is where the global extreme sports community meets to find the craziest of the madmen in various competitions. The whole thing is called X-Games and will be held for the 18th time this year. The organizers have invited particularly prominent participants to the 2012 edition of the Action Olympics. In the 'Rally Cross' discipline, Sebastien Loeb and Marcus Grönholm are two WRC champions competing against each other.

Citroen DS3 XL with 545 hp

So that World Champion Loeb im Duel with the US drift celebrities for Ken Block, Travis Pastrana or Tanner Foust has a chance at all, Citroen gave a new company car especially for the event in LA. The WRC DS3 was specially adapted to the challenges of the spectacular rally course and provided with a full increase in performance. The result is the Citroen DS3 XL.

The abbreviation 'XL' stands for X-Games and Loeb. But it could also stand for power in XL format. The rally forge Hansen Motorsport squeezed 545 hp from the two-liter turbo unit. With 800 Nm torque, power is in abundance in every situation. 'From a distance, the rally-cross version looks similar to the WRC model,' said Cyrille Jourdan, one of Citroen Sport's chief engineers. 'But the differences are especially big with the engine.'

Acceleration almost like in Formula 1

The driving performance of the rally monster is extreme. 'Acceleration is not far from a Formula 1 car. It goes from zero to 100 in 2.4 seconds,' said Jourdan. Since there is no passenger and no spare wheels in the rear of the rally cross, the weight distribution had to be rebalanced. 'The water cooler was therefore moved to the rear. We integrated air inlets into the rear wing.'

During the first test drives, Loeb was able to try out his new toy in order to be able to use it for the special course right next to the Staples Center of Los Angeles to find a suitable setup. It's not that easy, though. The approximately 1,000-meter-short special courses on which the cars are traveling at the same time consist of a mixture of asphalt and gravel sections. In order to increase the spectacle for the fans a bit, a 20 meter jump was built in.

Loeb wants to win the X-Gamesfight

'We know that these tracks are something very special. We have to adapt to them quickly on site,' explained Loeb. The record champion does not want to take the event lightly. Even if the focus is on having fun. 'Since we decided on the project, we have been preparing for it with all seriousness,' assured Citroen Motorsport boss Yves Matton.

Anyone who knows Sebastian Loeb knows that he will win anytime, anywhere want. 'It will not be easy because everything is new to us, but we will fight for every inch,' said Matton. In our picture gallery we show you photos of the new Citroen DS3 XL by Sebastian Loeb and the Ford Fiesta by Marcus Grönholm. We also explain exactly what Loeb can expect in Los Angeles.


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