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Worries for Massa, Senna and Vergne: Who is driving where? Who is kicked out?

Worry for Massa, Senna and Vergne
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D he June is traditionally the start of the transfer season in Formula 1. Now the teams are starting to set the course for the future. The contracts of Lewis Hamilton, Mark Webber, Felipe Massa, Michael Schumacher, Kamui Kobayashi, Bruno Senna, Nico Hülkenberg and Heikki Kovalainen are running out. Toro Rosso decides overnight. The dowry plays a role for Williams, Caterham, Marussia and HRT F1.

Hamilton and Webber are royal figures on the market

The royal figures on the market are Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber. You don't have to worry about their future. Hamilton wants more money from McLaren. McLaren wants the Montreal winner to sort out his personal life. But where does Hamilton want to go? To Ferrari? Fails because of Fernando Alonso's veto. To Red Bull? With Sebastian Vettel you already have a number one that you don't want to scare away unnecessarily. Only Mercedes remains.

Michael Schumacher would have to resign first. The record world champion has carte blanche in this team. Even if he is behind on points with 2:67 against Nico Rosberg. Which is well explained with five failures in seven races. Mercedes doesn't have to bother. You could see the media response generated by Schumacher's best training time in Monte Carlo.

Rosberg can take pole position three times in a row, and there wouldn't be anywhere near this response. Since it can be assumed that Schumacher has tasted blood again, the alternatives for Hamilton are tight.

Mark Webber would have the option of Ferrari. Internal sources say: Maranello wants a number 1B next year. Apparently it is too risky for President Luca di Montezemolo and Team Principal Stefano Domenicali to train a young driver. Ferrari also drives for the constructors' championship. And that's where Felipe Massa is becoming a brake.

With his eleven points, the Brazilian only contributes one eighth of the World Cup points for the team. Too little to secure a place for 2013. Massa must be happy if he survives this season. After the Canadian GP, ​​the team boss didn't mention him in the official press release. Translated, this means: Bad cards for Massa.

Another mistake like the turner in Montreal, and the 2008 vice world champion could jump overboard prematurely. But who is eligible for him? Adrian Sutil would be free, yesMaranello is apparently not interested in the German. Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari would be free, and Ferrari knows both very well. As an engine supplier to Toro Rosso, you can see all the data from last year.

Alonso is the secret boss in the stable

Since Ferrari is looking for a man with experience, it automatically stands there too the chances for Sergio Perez, Nico Hülkenberg and Paul di Resta bad? Not necessarily. Webber must first want to. At Red Bull, he knows what he's getting. Fair treatment. Even if Vettel is the future of the team, Webber can't complain.

He meets Alonso at Ferrari. He is his friend, but also the secret boss in the stable. 'Alonso is just as king at Ferrari as Schumacher was once,' claims an insider. Do you really want to go there? Probably not.

At McLaren, despite the current crisis, they will hold onto Jenson Button. The team needs a fixed point while Hamilton is still playing poker. You would still have access to one of the Force India drivers in 2014. For Mercedes, there is only one alternative in the event that Schumacher should stop. And it's called Hamilton. Allegedly one has already felt before the 2008 world champion.

Lotus drivers are firmly in the saddle

Sauber is faced with a difficult decision. Should Sergio Perez manage to move up to a bigger team, then another Mexican would be set for the Mexican's cockpit. This is the only way for Sauber to keep Telmex's money. Esteban Gutierrez is not developing in his second GP2 season as Peter Sauber wanted. So the 20-year-old from Monterrey would be a risk factor.

That would shake Kamui Kobayashi's position. The Japanese is subject to too many fluctuations and is therefore not number one to drive the team forward. In this case, he would need a pilot who was sure to get the points. Otherwise he endangers the upward trend of the racing team. Who is available? Heikki Kovalainen, Nico Hülkenberg.

Nico Hülkenberg's contract with Force India is running out. The Rhinelander has a free hand, but in the top teams there is at most one free place at Ferrari. To qualify for that, Hülkenberg would have to regularly beat teammate Paul di Resta. That is not the case at the moment. The most likely scenario from the current point of view is that everything stays as it is.

Williams has aired himself with Pastor Maldonado's victory in Barcelonaprocured. The team is again interesting for sponsors. And the money from Venezuela will keep flowing. Maldonado has been a folk hero in his country since his triumph. The opposition will be careful not to question the state oil industry's payments to Williams.

Bruno Senna also protects a sumptuous dowry in the double-digit million range. But only this year. The Brazilian’s performances do not justify a second season. Test driver Valtteri Bottas is in the starting blocks. He doesn't have any sponsorship money, but he does have a prominent advocate. Co-owner Toto Wolff is his manager.

'Vergne drives too wild'

At Toro Rosso you have to ask yourself whether it was wise to swap out both drivers and to rely fully on the youth. Daniel Ricciardo brought the experience of eleven Grand Prix with him, Jean-Eric Vergne zero. In a season in which the best nine teams are within a second, experience plays an important role. Now Toro Rosso is paying for it.

Red Bull's junior team would need a cross between Ricciardo and Vergne. Ricciardo leads the training duel 6: 1. Sometimes he takes over a second from his colleague. 'Vergne drives too wild. Aggression is not a bad thing, but in this case we have to drive Vergne out of this wildness', says team advisor Helmut Marko. He is impressed by the French who has no respect for anything or anyone. This can be seen in the races in which he finished five times ahead of his Australian stable rival.

But there is criticism there too. Vergne makes too many mistakes. He still has an influential fan in Marko. But it doesn't have to stay that way. The ex-racing driver can change his mind quickly if the knot doesn't open.

At Caterham, Heikki Kovalainen will try to make the jump. He drives his heart out for a 13th place and is significantly better than his car. After Caterham has not come much closer to midfield in the third year, Kovalainen has to look for a team in which his achievements are also rewarded.

Timo Glock is faced with the same dilemma. But he still has a long-term contract with Marussia. The longer it remains there, the greater the risk that it will be forgotten. At HRT F1, Pedro de la Rosa is firmly in the saddle. The Spaniard has a two-year contract. Narain Karthikeyan only drives because he brings money. If someone stands in front of the door with more coal, the Indian is thrown out.


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