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World title in Japan: Vettel continues to stack low

World Cup title in Japan?
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B ugliness. This is a quality that Sebastian Vettel has always been said to be. Whether in karting or in the youth series or after winning his first title in 2010 - Vettel has never lost his down-to-earth attitude. Not only colleagues and journalists appreciate him for this, but also his fans.

Falling the button off the stairs?

Even in Suzuka, the Heppenheimer remains cautious. He actually already has his second world championship trophy in his pocket. Only if the Red Bull driver fails and Jenson Button wins the Japanese Grand Prix, he will have to be patient. Vettel doesn't worry about it. 'Even if everyone is talking about it, we still have to get this one point,' says Vettel. 'If you want to help me, you can throw Jenson off the stairs,' he joked and laughed. The likelihood that his Red Bull will fail is slim. His car was last parked off the track at the 2010 Korean GP because the Renault engine failed.

His worst rival Jenson Button, who extended his McLaren contract by several years on Wednesday, no longer believes in his theoretical title chance. 'That's over,' said the Briton. 'But it's great to come to this race and to hear that Sebastian isn't completely ruling out our title chance,' he joked. 'I would love to win the race, even if I would be overshadowed by a certain person who wins the world championship.' Button feels very connected to the country, not least because of his Japanese girlfriend.

Compared to last year, the possible title win for Vettel and Red Bull this season does not come as a surprise. In 2010 he had to tremble until the last lap, but in 2011 he can celebrate his triumph four races before the end of the season. He has nine wins and eleven pole positions. 'That is of course different from last year. We had to fight to the end and deliver. Even if it is tight this time, the last step is missing. I remember how Michael Schumacher was also close once and then his engine broke, 'says Vettel.

Vettel chasing records

With nine wins, the youngest world champion of all time is on the way to breaking Michael Schumacher's record. The seven-time world champion achieved 13 victories in one season in the 2004 season and thus leads the statistics. In Suzuka, Vettel could his balance sheetincrease to ten wins. In 2009 and 2010 he won the race.

Vettel is certainly not thinking about the statistics on Sunday. He doesn't want to be distracted by anything and only wants to concentrate on the race. Because: 'If you decide to take off, then you will come down again. Nothing lasts forever,' said Vettel. Down-to-earth words for someone who is almost the second time world champion.


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