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World Cup duel in Brazil: Alonso hopes for Hulkenberg victory

World Cup fight in Brazil
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M ith a win in Brazil, Sebastian Vettel would be back in the Report back championship fight. With 25 points, the Heppenheimer has to score a maximum of points in the last two races. The Red Bull driver will be the first of the five championship candidates to start on Sunday. On pole position, however, is someone else: Nico Hülkenberg.

The Williams driver could tip the scales of the World Cup. He himself sees the matter easily. 'Of course I try not to stand in the way. But I also have to look at myself. We're fighting for sixth place in the Constructors' Championship.'

Red Bull expects a faster car

Sebastian Vettel naturally wants to prevent his compatriot's first victory. 'Of course I'm not hoping for the same conditions as today. If it's dry, we should be good. Last night we modified something on the car that should help us.' For Vettel, Hülkenberg is an opponent like anyone else. 'He's in front of us so we have to fight him too. I think our car is faster than his. But we have to find out first.'

That world championship competitor Fernando Alonso only starts fifth , the two Red Bull drivers don't want to overestimate yet. 'You have seen in recent years that the races here have always been very entertaining. Nobody can say how it will end,' explained Vettel. 'Fifth place is better than pole,' added Mark Webber. 'But it could have been worse for him.'

Alonso keeps his fingers crossed for Hülkenberg

The Ferrari driver himself wasn't particularly impressed by his deficit either. 'Fifth place is not the end of the world.' Nevertheless, the Spaniard also knows that a Red Bull one-two would be a major setback. He puts his hopes in the young pole setter: 'Hulkenberg is an unexpected factor on pole. If he wins it would be like a gift for me because the gap between first and second is so great.' The tactics for the race are clear: 'The start will be very important. I'm trying to make up a few places and always keep an eye on my World Cup rivals.'

At McLaren, the chances of winning the World Cup are Title dropped rapidly. Jenson Button, who only had theoretical opportunities anyway, did not even make it into the top ten. Lewis Hamilton ended up in fourth place ahead of Fernando Alonso. But that's not enough. 'I have to get there before the two Red Bulls. It will be difficult. Useveryone knows how strong they are, 'explained the Briton. Hamilton does not want to rely on mistakes by Vettel or Webber.' In my strategy, I do not think that the two Red Bull drivers could get into each other's hair. ' br>


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