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World Cup counter for Felipe Nasr: points despite the breakdown series

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S auber got away with a black eye in Austin . The speed was only there in the last section. The Sauber pilots struggled with understeer at the entrance to the curve and poor traction when driving out. Otherwise the blue cars drove around at the end of the field. Despite five pit stops, Felipe Nasr scored two points. 'I like to take them with me. But we still have to understand why we were so slow here.'

Team boss Monisha Kaltenborn also thought: 'A weekend that you can't be satisfied with at all. That also applies No objection that at least one driver didn't know the track and we couldn't drive a lot here. Pretty much everything that shouldn't happen in a race happened. The result is a happy outcome, but you can count on that much luck Not to leave in the future. '

Safety-Car brought Nasr back to the field again and again

For Nasr drama was already announced at the start. 'Two cars spun in front of me. I just passed Alonso.' In the second lap, however, it caught the Sauber driver after all. At the exit of the first corner he crashed into the rear of his teammate. 'I didn't want to overtake Marcus at all because yellow flags were waved there. But in the conditions everyone drives different lines. I was on a different line than Marcus. He probably didn't expect me there.'

Because he When the front wing broke, Sauber dared the poker to put Nasr on slicks straight away. 'Unfortunately that was way too early. I struggled to get through the lap without an accident.' So command back. 'My race actually only started on the third lap.' At the end of the field.

Nasr struggled with Alexander Rossi in the Manor for a while. 'Still, I never gave up. The safety cars kept bringing me closer to the field. I just tried to bring the car home. In terms of lap times, unlike Sochi, we had no chance with the Lotus or Force India to fight. '

Once, Nasr benefited from the circumstances. 'I had to accelerate immediately after the pit stop to get back to the field while the safety car was still on the track. That immediately brought temperature into the tires. So they grained later than the others. That was our best phase. I even passed Ricciardo. '


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