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Williams update in Bahrain: short-nose passes crash test

Williams update in Bahrain
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A take a deep breath at Williams. The short nose made the crash test. 'It took us 10 to 12 attempts,' smiles Pat Symonds, chief technology officer. Including your own in the factory, of course. The short nose is only 85 centimeters long. That is the minimum required by the rules.

Not only the nose is new. There is also a new front wing and the associated guide plates under the nose. An aero package that has it all. 'It's one of the biggest steps for us in recent years,' confirms Symonds.

Only a Williams driver gets a new nose

Felipe Massa has already driven the new nose. Only in the simulator. 'A real win,' beamed the Brazilian. The nose not only gives more downforce on the front axle, it also improves the flow to the rear. Until now, that was the weak point of the car.

The nose, wings and deflectors will only make their debut at the second Grand Prix in Bahrain. However, only one copy will be built by then. And who will get it? 'The driver who goes home with more points from the first Grand Prix in Australia,' reveals Massa.


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