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Williams reports loss: group of threatened teams is growing

Williams reports loss
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R ed Bull and Mercedes are beginning to give in when discussing cost cutting. Because, in the case of Red Bull, they suddenly notice how quickly it can happen that you suddenly chase after yourself without a chance. Or like at Mercedes, who can see from the example of their three engine customers how precarious the situation in the field is.

Red Bull has therefore worked out a proposal on how to get 20 million euros in one fell swoop when developing aero Could save euros. Without a wind tunnel. A bit radical, but at least a start. Mercedes is thinking about how to drastically reduce engine costs for customers from 2017. Team boss Toto Wolff no longer considers the sum of 10 million euros to be utopian with an intelligent set of rules.

Ecclestone's advance payment is no solution

So something is happening underground. Bernie Ecclestone has known since the requests from Lotus, Sauber and Force India 3 weeks before the start of the season how serious the situation is. He paid each of the 3 teams a $ 10 million advance on future distributions. Of course he'll get the money back. But that doesn't solve the problem. It's just postponed. Until next time the money runs out.

Unfortunately, Ecclestone has not yet found a sensible solution to the problem. His proposal to declare half of the field as customer teams and to supply them with chassis from Dallara or Red Bull and the old V8 from Renault does not meet with approval anywhere. That would be the total two-tier society with even more complicated regulations.

Williams earns 48.5 million euros less

Until now, Lotus, Sauber, Force India and Manor were among the endangered species . Since Williams presented his annual balance sheet on April 27th, everyone can calculate that the traditional racing team from Grove will soon be one of them. The team had 2014 sales of £ 71.2 million. That is 99.2 million euros. And 34.8 million pounds (48.5 million euros) less than 2013.

Williams justifies the loss with the fact that the one-time payment from PDVSA was booked in 2013, which has beautified the balance sheet of this season. But this money is not coming back. Williams got the sponsor Rexona, but he should only pay 10.5 million euros for the lettering. For third place in the World Cup last year there are around 20 million more from the box officeBernie Ecclestone.

Williams has to hold this position now if you don't want to get into trouble in 2015. The fact that the Williams success story does not attract a new sponsor from outside Formula 1 is actually worrying.

Lotus had a budget of 124 million pounds (173 million euros) for 2014 with an operating profit of 900,000 pounds ( 1.25 million euros). That will decrease this year because of the worse World Cup position (8th place) and the loss of sponsors like Rexona and Burn. But then you are still at the Williams booth. And is considered a team that is fighting for survival.

Lotus boss Lopez wants new comrades-in-arms

Lotus -Team owner Gérard Lopez warns that 60 percent of the field will soon have to worry about the future. McLaren too. The car is practically free of sponsors. Without Honda and the seemingly never-ending source of Bahraini shareholders, McLaren could lock up. But the Bahrainis want to get rid of their shares as soon as possible. Ron Dennis just can't find an investor.

Against this background, Lopez cannot understand that Williams and McLaren are still pretending that the talk about cutting costs is none of their business. 'We all have to stand together now so that we can work out a concept for the future that is viable. The more we stand behind the plan, the sooner we can get it through.'

Lopez, too, is satisfied that with Mercedes and Red Bull may soon have two prominent competitors on board. 'It must be important to everyone that the strategy meeting on May 14th delivers a result. Delaying it any further would be fatal.'


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