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Williams remains the pit stop king in the 2016 Formula 1 season

Williams remains pit stop king
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I In the World Cup table is Williams only in 5th place. If it were after the pit stops, the third oldest racing team in Formula 1 would have long been world champions. Even if Mercedes recently caught up thanks to constant pit stop performances. Ferrari and Red Bull are far behind. Amazing Force India here too. The team from Silverstone holds 5th place in the pit stop ranking.

The sequence is as follows: In every race, the average of all tire changes counts. If the car is repaired, the pit stop is canceled. This results in a table for every Grand Prix. The placements were added up over 19 races and the average was determined from this.

Ferrari rarely had outliers

Accordingly, Williams is with an average placement of 2.72 ahead of Mercedes with 2, 89 and Ferrari with 4.34. Although Ferrari never had the fastest stop of a race, only placed two times in the top 3 and 10 times in the top 5, the team from Maranello came on a podium. Reason: There are only very few outliers after going into the negative.

Red Bull is often to be found in the front field in the individual races, with an average value of 4.74 nevertheless only ranks 4th. Force India is among them 5.05 not far back. McLaren with 5.31 and Renault with 5.39 are also very close. Then comes the second big hole. ToroRosso has an average of 7.33, ahead of Sauber with 8.15, newcomer HaasF1 with 8.86 and bottom Manor with 10.53.

Williams only once not in the top 5

Williams' impressive performance is the consistently good performance of the pit crew. In 14 of 19 races, one of the Williams pit stops ended up in first place. At the Monaco GP, the Grove team even took the first four places. Mercedes was number 1 three times, Red Bull twice. 6 teams made it into the top 3. Williams was represented 25 times, Mercedes 17 times and Red Bull 7 times. McLaren made it onto the imaginary podium 4 times, Ferrari 2 times and Force India made it onto the podium at the home game at Silverstone. Williams was not among the top three only 3 times.

Only one more team appears in the top 5. Renault took fifth place in Singapore and Mexico. Here, too, Williams is alone with 36 placements. With 20 top 5 placements, Mercedes is just ahead of Red Bull with 18. Ferrari has made 10 pit stopsTop 5 barely in double digits. Force India and McLaren each have 5 finishes in the top five. Williams only messed up at the GP USA. None of the 5 pit stops made it into the top 5.


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