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Williams no chance: & # 34; Ferrari uses the tires better '

Wolfgang Wilhelm
Williams no chance
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I In Melbourne, Williams in a Ferrari was 3.5 seconds away. Two weeks later, Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa were 70.4 seconds behind. Williams got caught off guard at the Malaysia GP. Neither rain nor extreme heat are good for the white cars. Because the FW37 hits the tires too hard. Massa remembers: 'We already had that last year.'

Williams leads the top speed list again, the cars have more downforce, are usually well balanced, and you still drive them A moment without a chance after Mercedes and Ferrari. On the other hand, you have enough air on Red Bull and Toro Rosso. The gap to the Red Bull Armada was comfortable with 24 seconds.

Williams does not direct the stable

Felipe Massa is certain: 'Mercedes has the faster car and Ferrari uses the tires better. That was the key in Malaysia.' Between Melbourne and Sepang, none of the three teams brought significant upgrades to the car. According to Massa, Ferrari has mainly caught up with the engine. 'At the moment we're not feeling any more performance than last year. Ferrari has taken a giant step. You can see that in Sauber.'

The final showed how critical the Williams is when it comes to tire degradation. It was a déjà vu for the group from Grove. Bottas ran into Massa. Last year the command post tried to solve the problem through stable management. This time both drivers were allowed to fight out fourth place. 'We had air to the front and back. You don't intervene,' explained chief engineer Rob Smedley. Massa lost the duel after a fight over four corners. 'My tires were two laps older than Valtteri's. That made the difference.'


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