Williams: New nose fails crash test

Stefan Baldauf
Williams progress in week 2
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I n the first week of testing in Barcelona, ​​Williams disappeared in the Sinking. Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa finished 14th and 21st in the lap times ranking. There were problems with the tire temperatures and also with the reliability. Massa stood in the pits for a long time with a gas leak and battery problems.

Williams closer to Mercedes

In the Second week of testing, the Martini racers presented themselves as transformed. 'We have solved both problems. The cars are now running reliably, and we have found speed,' said Williams chief technology officer Pat Symonds with satisfaction. Symonds does not want to reveal what exactly was changed on the car. Just this: 'It wasn't just the set-up.' After all, Valtteri Bottas set the fastest time on day six of the test with a time of 1.23.261 minutes on supersoft tires.

The Williams simulation programs gave out good numbers. So you are 6 tenths slower than Mercedes under comparable conditions. That would be a significant increase compared to 2015, where the difference was at least one second.

Only 2 tenths are missing on Ferrari. And Red Bull is at Williams level. Operations manager Rob Smedley warned: 'There was a lot of wind on the last two days, especially in turns 4 and 5. That made comparisons difficult.'

New Williams nose flies through crash test

Technically, Williams shot his powder up to the Australian GP. 'There are only little things to come,' reveals Symonds. And the new short nose? She failed the crash test. She has a new crash date next week.

The new nose is at a minimum of 85 centimeters. The current version is 90 centimeters long. 'And it was difficult to get through the crash test,' smiles Symonds. 'In the severe crash conditions, those short noses are always a shiver.' Even if the crash test is passed, the Williams short nose should come in the second or third race at the earliest.


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