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Williams in need: Kubica lets regular drivers run

Williams in distress
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D this will be a difficult season for Williams. Lance Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin spent the eight days of testing mostly at the back of the field. Both have trouble getting their Williams FW41 out of the way. Head of Technology Paddy Lowe admitted that his car tends to oversteer nervously at the corner entrance. And that robs the drivers of confidence.

There are also question marks about the tires. Sometimes they're too hot, sometimes too cold. With the softer rubber compounds, Williams does not gain the time that the additional grip should actually bring.

Test driver Robert Kubica does not want to talk in detail about the problems of the car. “This is something that should stay in the engineers' meeting room. I have a clear idea of ​​where we need to improve the balance and the feeling for the car. There are still problems with the handling and question marks with the tires. You are too sensitive to different conditions. We need to make the window they work in bigger. Only that gives Lance and Sergey confidence. That is important because they are still relatively inexperienced. ”

Regular drivers have to score points

Robert Kubica was actually assigned to the first half of the second day of testing. The engineers trust his expertise. Even after a seven-year break, the Pole is still a good reference. Because he has the experience and the speed. But then suddenly it was not Kubica who was sitting in the car, but Sergey Sirotkin. And in the afternoon Lance Stroll got an extra shift. Did the Canadian's almighty father put pressure on him to give Filius a little more experience with the stubborn new Williams? Was Kubica booted?

Kubica didn't understand the excitement surrounding the issue. “It doesn't matter if the team asked me first or if I voluntarily gave preference to the regular drivers. I agree with this decision because it helps the team. Friday was the best of the eight days of testing. So it's normal for the drivers who are sitting in the car in Melbourne to want to do as many laps as possible. You have to get the championship points, not me. Thursday morning was enough for me to understand the car to such an extent that I can describe its strengths and weaknesses to the engineers. ”

Kubica is preparing for races

The last day of testing should be Stroll and give Sirotkin the opportunity to tune their delicate car so that they can handle it to some extent.Kubica has no grudge that his already limited time in the cockpit is shrinking further due to the short-term program change.

“I'm enjoying my new position. It's so much better than what I had 12 months ago. I'm just getting to know a new world that will help me if I should be racing again. As a regular driver, you have a limited view of things. I am involved in the development work at Williams. This gives me a more global view of the business. If I should get a cockpit again, I will be much better prepared than without this experience. ”


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