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Williams confuses the competition: underbody wings are not legal

Williams confuses the competition
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B were in the Formula 1 test at the Red Bull Ring all eyes on the Williams FW37. Exceptionally not because Susie Wolff was in the cockpit. The technology freaks turned their eyes more to the floor plate in front of the rear wheels. A two-story grand piano was enthroned there. The base plate itself was bent down over a length of 40 centimeters on the outside.

That immediately alerted the competition. And she asked herself excitedly: Is this part legal? Can other structures be installed there? And if so, why didn't we think of it ourselves? auto motor und sport asked other teams and consulted the FIA ​​rule book.

Radius rule kills the Williams wing

A rival team aligned us : 'Definitely illegal. Looks like Williams simply wanted to simulate more downforce on the rear axle.' According to the rule experts, the apron on the underbody also does not comply with the regulations. We then dug in the FIA ​​rulebook and came to Article 3.8. of the Technical Regulations found what you were looking for. With the associated drawing.

In general, the following applies: Above the floor, superstructures with no restrictions on the shape can only be attached at a maximum height of 50 millimeters minus the base plate thickness. The area from the rear axle to the rear edge of the cockpit is a prohibited zone from 100 millimeters above the reference plane, shaded green in the drawing (see gallery).

No parts with surfaces with a radius smaller than 75 millimeters is. The angular additional wing fulfills neither the height regulation nor the radius rule. The FIA ​​has put a stop to such additions here since 2009.

Rule paragraph 3.8.4:

Under Article 3.8.4 of the rulebook, the area used by Williams is divided into 4 zones. The radius rule applies in this case to point 3.8.4.a): 'The volume between 50mm forward of the rear wheel center line and 300mm rearward of the rear face of the cockpit entry template, which is more than 25mm from the car center line and more than 100mm above the reference plane. '

The forbidden zone in German: In the space between the points 50 millimeters in front of the rear axle and 300 millimeters behind the rear edge of the cockpit, for all areas outside the 25th Millimeters from the vehicle center line and 100 millimeters aboveReference level.

In our gallery we show photos of the new wing and the corresponding diagrams from the regulations.


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