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Who is strong at fun ?: Big guesswork at Vettel and Co.

Who is strong in fun?
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A us aerodynamicists believe there are four different types of racetracks. Monza with the lowest downforce. Spa with something more. Montreal with contact pressure in the middle area. And then everything else. 'With the exception of Monza, Spa and Montreal, we are on the road with maximum downforce everywhere. So Monte Carlo is no longer a special race for us,' explains McLaren Sports Director Sam Michael.

Drivers don't dare to make predictions

This means that spa plays a special role. It is the first time this year that so few wings are used. In addition, there are the two hard tire compounds 'medium' and 'hard' which have only been driven in this combination in Malaysia so far. A journey into the unknown, you could say. That is why the drivers avoid precise forecasts.

Nico H├╝lkenberg says it most clearly. 'We have never had problems warming up the tires so far. Since we drive with the hard tires and it shouldn't be particularly warm, we see very good opportunities for ourselves.' Lotus should actually be afraid of this constellation. Romain Grosjean weakens: 'We improved there recently. It wasn't particularly warm at Silverstone either, and we were still at the front.'

Ferrari and McLaren stack up

Felipe Massa sees good opportunities for Ferrari. 'We were strong in Montreal and we are good in fast corners. That should fit.' Fernando Alonso hopes that Ferrari's new aerodynamics package will give the F2012 wings, but doubts: 'We were eight tenths behind in Hungary. It is unlikely that we will catch up all of a sudden.' The Spaniard sees his car in the hierarchy behind McLaren, Red Bull and Lotus.

Lewis Hamilton smiles: 'He has to say that so that he is better off afterwards. Ferrari doesn't have a bad car.' Hamilton sees his McLaren in a good position for Spa: 'Fast corners suit us.' His caveat: 'Everyone brings expansion stages to Spa. Something can easily shift.' Small point of criticism: 'We're at the front in the qualifying trim, but not in the race. Isn't there another pile up?

Red Bull relies on special conversion

The Red Bull drivers drove home as a double winner last year. After major problems in training. The cars were at the front of the grid, but the front tires had suffered badly. youprotested with blistering because Red Bull drove with too much fall on the front axle.

'We should have learned from that, but you can never be sure,' says Vettel. Webber is also unsure: 'I hope we can make the same leap on the fast tracks with the RB8 that we made last year with the RB7.'

Webber will test a new aerodynamic package on Friday morning, which mainly has changes in the rear area. If it works, Vettel's car will also be converted. So Red Bull has once again made the effort to build a special car for Spa and Monza. It worked last year.

And how could Mercedes do? It should look better on paper for the Silver Arrows. Spa is a racetrack where the front tires are put under more stress than the rear rollers. Like in Shanghai. Nico Rosberg is still not counting on a win: 'Spa has some of those long drawn-out corners that gave us problems in Hungary. I see better chances for us again in Monza and Singapore.'


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