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Who comes to Williams: Bottas, Barrichello or Sutil?

Williams: Sutil, Bottas or Barrichello
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V three weeks ago it seemed to be a done deal . Kimi Raikkonen drives for Williams, so it was the rumor mill in the paddock. Now it has apparently come to a break between Raikkonen and Williams.

The background can be puzzled. Some claim that Raikkonen's management asked for a higher salary than Williams is willing to pay. The others speculate that Williams does not want to cede any company shares to the 32-year-old Finn. Raikkonen had previously tried to buy into two other teams with a 20 percent stake.

Raikkonen wants to join the Formula 1 team

If it is true that Raikkonen has canceled, this could indicate that his concern may have struck gold elsewhere. At Renault? Raikkonen had contacted the team management before the GP Abu Dhabi. However, the 2007 world champion has had bad experiences with this team. Negotiations had already taken place the previous year, but then fell apart in strife.

For Rubens Barrichello, Adrian Sutil and Valtteri Bottas, a cancellation by Raikkonen would be good news. But only for one of the three. Barrichello has not received a rejection or acceptance to this day. That Williams wants to wait until after the Brazilian GP to make a decision could be a bad sign. In Brazil, you don't want to forfeit your sympathies if you dump the longest-serving driver in the field. That would speak for Sutil.

Sutil: Williams as a stepping stone?

The dowry will not influence the driver choice. Sutil's sponsor Medion is good for around five million euros, but Barrichello can now raise the same amount of money. The eleven-time GP winner has found sponsors and he would cut his salary.

Sutil apparently only wants to commit to Williams for one year to keep the chance of joining a top team open for 2013 . At Mercedes, Michael Schumacher's contract expires, at Ferrari Felipe Massa has to tremble for his cockpit. But that could be a stumbling block. You want to hire a driver of Sutil's age as a team for at least two years, as an investment in the future. With someone like Barrichello, the length of the contract doesn't really matter. His career is coming to an end.

Bottas with an outsider chance

These practical constraints bring a driver to the sceneuntil now nobody thought. Test pilot Valtteri Bottas did a decent job on the test drives in Abu Dhabi. And the 22-year-old Finn has important advocates on the team.

Former technical director Patrick Head is said to be one. Williams co-owner Toto Wolff the other. The Austrian businessman manages the Finnish talent together with Mika Häkkinen and Didier Cotton. Bottas would be a daring choice from a sporting and technical point of view. The GP3 champion doesn't have a lot of racing experience yet. At least not in cars with over 500 hp.


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