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Whitmarsh sees Red Bull in Monza as stronger than Ferrari

McLaren boss Whitmarsh
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M cLaren has traveled to Monza as a clear favorite. However, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button only finished fourth and fifth on the first day of training. The team mainly used the first laps on the high-speed slope to test the F-shaft. In addition to Force India, Lewis Hamilton was the only pilot with and without an F-slot to take to the track.

However, the conclusion was by no means clear: 'Without an F-slot and with a smaller wing you are faster on the straight But Lewis has also found that he slips more in the curve, 'explains McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh. 'Viewed over the whole lap it is very similar. The individual sector times, however, showed clear differences.'

McLaren wants to analyze data precisely

No decision has yet been made as to which variant Hamilton should use goes into qualifying on Saturday. 'It's not just about the lap time, but also how the car behaves over a race distance and which variant puts more or less stress on the tires. We have to analyze this very carefully and make a decision overnight.'

The competition decided much quicker to use an F-slot. Whitmarsh was not surprised that hardly any competitor tested both variants. 'I'm not surprised. Everyone has their own program. We planned from the start to test both variants in order to collect data.'

Whitmarsh expects strong Red Bull

Sebastian Vettel set the fastest time in the afternoon. Ferrari stayed right behind with two drivers in second and third. Although the Italians completed some impressive long runs, Whitmarsh sees Red Bull as the first competitor for victory. 'On this track I would say that Red Bull is stronger. There were previously great speculations that we would be strong and they would be weak. I never signed that.'

The controversial issue of flexible front wings seems to be not to be acute in Monza anymore. Whitmarsh hopes that the new, tightened FIA test will end the discussions: 'I haven't seen anything suspicious yet. We have also focused more on our own program. I know that the FIA ​​tested after the training and I hope that they did The subject will not be a big problem this weekend. '

FIA must clarify the subject of stable management

A bigger problem for Whitmarsh is the FIA ​​ruling in theStable management scandal over Ferrari. 'It's a strange verdict. Apparently, there wasn't enough evidence to punish Ferrari more severely. But if there isn't enough evidence, one has to wonder why one has to pay $ 100,000 in the first place. I don't understand the logic behind it. But I do I haven't fully read the reasoning either. '

Whitmarsh has asked the FIA ​​to finally create a clear picture. 'I think there is no more clarification after the verdict than before. At the moment there is a clear rule that stable management is prohibited. This also applies to the rest of the season. It is now up to the FIA ​​to explain to the teams exactly where we are . '


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