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What's wrong with Ricciardo ?: A doctoral thesis for the starting grid

What's wrong with Ricciardo?
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D one should understand this formula 1 mathematics. Six hours after qualifying, the timekeepers distributed their starting grid. Nobody understands the ranking. Actually, because of the engine penalties, there should have been two Red Bulls and two McLaren on the last two rows. But Daniil Kvyat has now moved up to 15th place. Although he was the penultimate one who took his sentence and should actually be behind the two Manor pilots.

McLaren criticizes the regulations

The reason for this is that Red Bull announced its engine changes to the FIA ​​before McLaren. Last Monday. This means that Kvyat initially slips back to 18th place, but then moves up because Ricciardo, Alonso and Button gradually fall behind him. In addition, Alonso, Button and Ricciardo are still receiving stop-and-go, drive-through and time penalties in the race because they cannot move back as many starting positions as would be necessary. Jenson Button should actually be on grid position 42.

The McLaren drivers criticize the rules that are far too complicated: 'Nobody gets that.' McLaren team boss Eric Boullier insists: 'We should reconsider these engine penalties. They are too strict and incomprehensible. It was perhaps a bit too ambitious to assume that these highly complex engines would lead to the first few years with just four engines Laps is coming. '

Kvyat faster than Ricciardo again

At least Boullier still has the sense of humor:' I'm afraid we will get into the Guinness Book of Records with motor penalties. ' Red Bull could dispute the title. The cars of Kvyat and Ricciardo have also had their fifth engine in each car since the Austrian GP. The change from Kvyat was technically necessary. A defect was looming in his Renault V6 turbo. Ricciardo's engine swap was tactical.

The Australian seems out of place at the moment. Kvyat has been making a better figure since the Monaco GP. The Russian did not put a leg on the ground beforehand. This time Ricciardo lost three tenths to his team-mate in Q2.

Ricciardo attributes it to problems with the brakes. 'Since the Chinese GP I haven't had a feeling for the brakes. It was really bad in Montreal. That's why we've now taken a step back in terms of setup, more towards 2014. That it didn't pay off was a stupid coincidence. Just in theQualification there was a technical problem. The disc temperature was wrong and the engine brake did not work as it should when braking down. That's why I lost a lot of time on the first three braking points. I couldn't catch up in the four corners of the last sector. '

Don't always call for new rules

The Red Bull-Ring is not a Red Bull circuit. Ricciardo admitted that because of the power deficit you have to drive with less downforce than the car would be good for. 'From the set-up, we only drove once as we should actually do it. And that was in Monte Carlo, 'notes Ricciardo.

Grist on the mill for Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz's criticism of the current Formula 1. Bernie Ecclestone takes the soft drink czar's threats to withdraw Serious. Also because it fits into his politics. Ecclestone wants a new, faster and simpler Formula 1. Like Mateschitz.

With the competition you see the saber rattling of the Red Bull founder with mixed feelings. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff differentiates: 'The team has won the world title four times and is now at a dead end. It is difficult to deal with failure. But the general attitude is wrong: you can't always call for new rules when things don't go well. It would be better to analyze where you took the wrong turn. We had this phase in 2012. In the second half of the season things went backwards rather than forwards. '


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