What's wrong with Jenson Button?

McLaren driver in crisis
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J enson button is confused. He was a constant at McLaren. Even more so than Lewis Hamilton, who lets himself be too captivated by his private life and therefore vacillates between good and bad. But this year, the 2008 world champion is McLaren's constant. He was first in training three times, second once and third once. He couldn't do anything about the transfer to Barcelona. That was a mistake by the team.

For Jenson Button, the World Cup was tailor-made for three races and one training session. Victory in Melbourne, second in China, fourth in Bahrain. But since the race in the island nation, nothing goes together for the 2009 champion. Zero points in Bahrain, two points in Barcelona. And now the twelfth starting place in Monaco. Not a good starting position for a Grand Prix in the Principality. If no miracle happens, Button will only hoard a few points in the race.

Sudden loss of grip in qualifying

The training story of the 32-year-old Englishman reads similar to that in Barcelona. 'Everything was going according to plan up to the qualification. Then suddenly the grip was gone and I lacked confidence in the car.' The crash may have the same reason as with Sebastian Vettel. 'Between the third free practice session and qualification, we changed a few small things about the car's setup. Maybe that was too much. I drove a different car in the afternoon than I had in the morning.' /p>

So the old Pirelli story. Guesswork on a broad track. While Button didn't get the tires up to temperature quickly enough in Bahrain and Spain, the problem was different this time. But where? The tire whisperer had no idea. 'It couldn't have been because of the tire temperatures. We had the supersoft tires and the asphalt temperatures were even higher than in the free practice sessions.' Team boss Martin Whitmarsh fears: 'Jenson has lost his confidence. He was sure that he understood the tire better than his opponents. Now he has to realize that this is not the case.'

Button starts with a hard one Tires?

Like Vettel, Button thinks about an alternative tire strategy. Monte Carlo allows a one-stop race, especially when temperatures drop. It is possible that the harder mixture at the start will be used in midfield. Hoping to stay on the track longer and then switch to Supersoft late. 'Vettel already has with his tire choice in Q3indicated what he is up to. That could be an option for me too. '


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