What is Renault doing ?: 12 tokens still unused

What is Renault doing?
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R ed Bull and Renault: Is that even possible? After all the dirty laundry that was washed? Contractually yes. The divorce has not yet been legally completed. For Renault, a continuation of the supply contract with the two Red Bull teams would bring wholesome 50 million euros into the cash register. Nevertheless, you would have the Red Bull sponsors Total and Infiniti on board with your own works team.

Red Bull technical director Adrian Newey was quoted this week as saying: 'Unfortunately, our relationship with Renault is almost over. The divorce is too far along. They need to improve their engine, but there is no clear direction in which to do it. ' That's the point. Renault is stagnating technically. Experts are not even sure whether the purchase option for Lotus will actually be carried out.

2015 engine worse than previous year's version

The seven tenths of a time savings promised in late summer 2014 from the engine alone never made it to the track. Also because Renault had to reduce the power due to the many engine damage at the beginning of the season. The Mercedes is missing between 60 and 80 hp. The Renault V6 Turbo uses more fuel and breaks down more often. Old problems that had long since been resolved came back. For example the trouble with the pistons.

The wear and tear on drive components is enormous. Daniil Kvyat and Max Verstappen are already on the eighth engine, Daniel Ricciardo and Carlos Sainz on the seventh. Four are allowed. The quota for turbochargers and electric machines has long been exceeded. The internal front runner is Ricciardo with 6 units each of the turbocharger, MGU-H and MGU-K.

But Renault never really wanted to be helped. Red Bull had financed development aid in the Ilmor cylinder head for almost two million euros, which Renault refused at short notice despite better results. There was a chance to get one in the summerPoaching Mercedes engineers. It expired unused.

Two tokens from Renault at the Brazilian GP?

Of the 12 development tokens that Renault was entitled to this year, not a single one has yet been redeemed. A Renault engineer said to auto motor und sport in the summer: 'It is not a question of tokens, but of implementation. We have enough tokens, but no solutions.'

The attempt to invest 4 tokens in an expansion stage that was to debut first in Sochi, then in Austin, has so far yielded sobering insights. Hardly any time gain, engine bursts on the test bench and nowhere near the longevity that the engine would need to get approval for racing. A stripped-down version is now set to premiere in Brazil. Allegedly, two tokens are used for this. Renault predicts a progress of 0.15 seconds.

Many in the paddock are wondering whether Renault will be there in 2016 at all. It is speculated that CEO Carlos Ghosn will pull the plug despite the purchase option. He could come to the conclusion that there is no point in investing hundreds of millions of euros if the engineers can't think of anything. Then Lotus would have to go back to Mercedes. The new Lotus E24 was designed for the Mercedes engine. The plans for this are still in the drawer, just in case.


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