What is Nico Rosberg driving?

What is Nico Rosberg doing?
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You recently became a father - time for an SUV, right?

B ei at home there are only family carriages around, most recently a Mercedes ML. And of course my oldtimer.

In tight Monaco it is probably a bit of a hassle to turn around with an ML.

I prefer to drive with my Pagoda , the 280 SL convertible from 1970. I bought it from Mercedes Classic last year.

What is it about a 45-year-old car that attracts you?

The driving feeling and the driving experience. And then the sitting position. In most modern cars, you sit so deep inside that you can hardly see anything. The pagoda has a great overview.

Which car did you dream of as a boy?

When I was little my father had one Lamborghini Countach. That was a missile. Then a Porsche Turbo came into the house. A 993, tuned by Techart - a monster!

Did your father ever let you drive these missiles?

No, I still had no driver's license. I liked the Countach best. Now I'm dreaming of a 300 SL Gullwing - unfortunately a rather expensive car.

Are you patient while driving?

No, not at all. I have no patience. I prefer to take some detours. The main thing is not to stand! Unfortunately it happens that I get stuck in the next traffic jam.

Is your wife a good driver?

Yes, she drives well. But since our child was born, she hardly rides herself any more.

How do you feel about cycling?

Cycling is training much more entertaining than running. You experience a lot more. Most of the time I take the racing bike and not the mountain bike. I have a mega-tuned racing bike, everything is made of carbon. My bike is one of the lightest around: 5.2 kilos. The racing machines of the professional cyclists must weigh at least 6.8 kilos.


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