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Webber finds FIA penalty exaggerated: & # 34; TV cameras give wrong impression & # 34;

Webber thinks FIA punishment is excessive
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M ark Webber looked a bit disaffected. 'You get the feeling that he's out of breath,' says Martin Brundle. The Australian chose his words carefully when asked about the punishment for his taxi ride on Fernando Alonso's Ferrari in Singapore. Webber knows: every word too much can be counterproductive in this case. “That's the rules, that's how such cases are handled nowadays.”

But then he went into detail. He denies that it was dangerous to board the Ferrari behind a blind bend in the middle of the road. 'The TV cameras give the wrong impression. From my perspective, the place was not confusing. I saw the two Mercedes coming down the whole straight. And what could be dangerous when Hamilton rolls past me at 56 km /h?

Alonso backs Webber

Fernando Alonso doesn't quite understand the severity of the punishment either. 'I'm sorry for Mark. He's been punished for something that has happened many times over the past 30 years with no consequences. '

Webber himself isn't even upset about the warning from Singapore, which gave him ten in Korea The Australian rider collided with Nico Rosberg at Turn 2 without the collision having anything to do with the outcome of the race>
For Webber it was a completely normal racing accident at the time that really took its toll ten races later. After all, the Yeongam circuit is overtaking-friendly. 'It could have hit me worse. Korea is definitely a better place than Monte Carlo for a punishment like that. '


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