Webber calls for helpers from Vettel

Vettel frustration at the GP Belgium
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V om child prodigy to failure devil: After the embarrassment of Belgium by Sebastian Vettel, the German Formula 1 hope is threatened with premature end in the World Championship race - and the demotion to 'water carrier' for stable rival Mark Webber. 'It's not quite there yet, but we shouldn't delay it that long,' said Red Bull's second overall Webber in the hunt for front runner Lewis Hamilton for a quick decision about number 1 status in the team.

First technical defects, then driving error

'It could have been easy points, but I can't change it. Of course I'm not proud of it,' complained the Hessian after the debacle in the Ardennes, which ended in 15th place. A sentence that Vettel heard several times in 2010. In the beginning there were technical defects like in Bahrain or Australia, but recently he increasingly slowed himself down. 'He not only screwed up today, but also one or the other time this year,' said McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh tough.

The best example was the spa crash with Jenson Button as Vettel wanted to pass the enemy with the crowbar. The maneuver in the fight for second place went wrong, a sensitive damper for both of them in the World Cup fight. 'Sebastian made a mistake there that you normally only see in junior formulas and not in Formula 1,' etched Whitmarsh.

Schumi backs Vettel

'We'll see if This mistake can cost him the World Cup. He's sure to get annoyed, 'said three-time world champion Niki Lauda. 'You have pressure and you have to deal with it. When it comes to the World Cup, everyone expects great things from you,' said Adrian Sutil, who came fifth in Force India and was the best German in Spa.

Comfort for Vettel was given by record champion Michael Schumacher.'I can only say: The year is still long. He already knows what to do,' said the 41-year-old. Mercedes motorsport director Norbert Haug has not yet written off the vice world champion. 'It's far from over for Sebastian,' said Haug.

Hamilton as the master of efficiency

This season, Hamilton shows how to make the most of your opportunities. Although the McLaren are not as fast as the Red Bulls on most of the circuits, the 2008 world champion has the best prospects for his second title. The success of Spa was a masterpiece, and thanks to the powerful Mercedes engine, Hamilton is the favorite for the next race in Monza. 'We keep putting the pressure on and when it's our turn we get the most out of it,' he explained.


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