War of faith over tires: Pirelli or Michelin?

War of faith about tires
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D he race for the Formula 1 tire contract for the years 2017 to 2019 runs. Pirelli and Michelin have applied. Michelin with clear ideas. The French want 18-inch tires and a maximum of one pit stop per race. Pirelli is more flexible. They could live with 18-inch wheels, have even tested large wheels, but suggest even larger dimensions should Formula 1 want to go this way. Pirelli would also be ready to build tires again that require three pit stops.

Horner promotes Pirelli

The FIA ​​has technically accepted both applicants. Bernie Ecclestone is currently negotiating the financial terms with Michelin and Pirelli. Toro Rosso team boss Franz Tost says clearly: 'The more money Formula 1 gets from a tire manufacturer, the better it is for the teams.' Manor colleague Graeme Lowdon agrees: 'The commercial side is extremely important. When a new tire deal means we have to invest more money, we are even more forced to find money.'

Mercedes -Team boss Toto Wolff warns against underestimating the sporting aspect. Formula 1 must first be clear about what it actually wants. 'Two years ago we had a tire that quickly lost grip and meant a lot of pit stops. We didn't like that. Then Pirelli became more conservative and we weren't satisfied again. That's why we should focus on the best possible for 2016 first To get tires. '

While Wolff is open on both sides, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner takes a clear position:' To say that the tire manufacturer should get the contract that pays the most is mine too little. I think we should think outside the box. An 18-inch tire that can go the distance with just one stop doesn't help the show. We should go the opposite way. With a tire that wears out in a controlled manner and requires two to three stops. '

It is a clear vote against Michelin. 'I think Pirelli has done a good job for Formula 1 over the last few years, in good times and bad. The cars will look different in 2017. The tires too. That is a great challenge for both sides.'


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