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Voices on the Mercedes crash: & # 34; There is no half guilt & # 34;

Voices on the Mercedes crash
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N ico Rosberg avoided the question of guilt: 'The race management decided on a normal racing accident. That counts.' Colleagues from other teams did not help clarify the situation either. 'I didn't see Hamilton come out onto the meadow, only two Mercedes spinning off the track in front of me,' Max Verstappen elegantly pulled out of the affair.

Sebastian Vettel had enough to himself do: 'I lost downforce in Turn 3 behind Ricciardo. So Max passed me on the outside. As a result, I also gave up a position to Sainz in Turn 4. The only thing I saw were two silver cars crashing into the gravel flew. '

We therefore asked five ex-pilots who saw the collision from the TV perspective as we did:

Niki Lauda:' There is no half guilt '

'The question arises of who is to blame for this accident and how much percent. There is no half-guilt or 70 percent there and 30 percent there. In my black and white thinking, I can't sell that to anyone What is clear is that Nico was in the wrong engine program and Lewis tried to overtake on the wrong side. '

' Why the wrong one Page? Because any professional racing driver who is ahead and suddenly feels a power problem will try to defend his position where the attack is most likely. So on the inside. Lewis sensed his chance and instinctively went to this site. '

' In 2015 it would have worked because Nico would have made room for him. But the times are over. The new Nico is just as opposed to this as Lewis or Vettel used to do. That's why the collision occurred. If Lewis then runs out of space, it's his own fault. He could have passed on the left. '

Gerhard Berger:' Nico had right of way '

' Nico had right of way. He was in front and was so far to the right that Lewis was left with the meadow. Lewis should have realized he was going to run out of space. You can't overtake with four wheels on the grass. '

Alain Prost:' The problem was the speed difference '

' I don't want to blame anyone. Apparently there was a technical problem with one of the two cars. The problem was the speed difference. I immediately saw the brake light, which indicated that the car was losing speed. '

' Rosberg has the right to defend his position. He complied with the rules.On the other hand, Lewis had already decided on the right side and couldn't get out of it. '

Christian Danner:' Good that Nico didn't turn the indicator '

' Me is pleased that Nico did not turn the indicator to let Lewis pass. That shows the new Rosberg. Lewis has to understand that his teammate can no longer be impressed by such maneuvers according to the motto: Here I come, make way. Whose fault is it? I would say it's 50:50. Nico was a little too tough, Lewis too gullible. '

Martin Brundle:' Both drivers were over-aggressive '

' Both drivers were over-aggressive. The whole field is on the racing line and the two far to the right. Nico didn't realize how fast Lewis was flying up. Lewis instinctively tried it on the right. He deserved a bit of the road. '

' I think the reason for the aggression has two backgrounds. Lewis was shocked that he lost 1st place in the first corner. That's why he wanted to take the first chance that was presented to him. Nico was distracted because he was driving in the wrong engine mode. Maybe that's why his defense was so tough. Maybe that's the new Nico too. Two years ago he would have been satisfied with second place. Now he's turned into a winning machine. '


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