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Vladimir Putin in the F1 car: Secret Formula 1 test in the Renault

Vladimir Putin in the F1 car
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W ladimir Putin is known for both effective media and provocative actions. Whether he rides through the taiga on the back of a horse or goes bear hunting in the Siberian forests, the most powerful man in Russia likes to present himself as a strong leader.

Putin with secret test

When Vladimir Putin ventured behind the wheel of a real Formula 1 car last week, the public should initially not notice. You never know whether the vehicle and driver will survive the adventure unscathed. With a helmet in Russian national colors and a double-headed eagle, the prominent amateur driver was allowed to step on the gas on a racetrack near St. Petersburg.

The experiment with the Renault Formula 1 racing car was a success. The 58-year-old is said to have shown himself extremely skillful at the wheel. According to eyewitness reports, Putin is a natural. And so the Russian Prime Minister allowed the first pictures to be broadcast on national television two days later.

Vladimir Putin is said to have made the little excursion into the world of motorsport so much fun that he already noted the next race day in his calendar. Then things should get down to business a little faster on Paul Ricard's well-known racetrack in Le Castellet.

Russia in Formula 1 fever

Russia has not only been moving since the Renault test by Vladimir Putin on the Formula 1 card. This year, Vitaly Petrov is the first time a pilot from the largest country in the world is on the road in the premier class. Petrov's manager Oksana Kosachenko also took part in Putin's secret test.

With Sochi, a racetrack will soon be on the F1 calendar. It is even rumored that Russia is so hot for the Black Sea Grand Prix that moving it forward from 2014 to 2013 is being discussed. Everything is possible with a Formula 1 ambassador like Vladimir Putin.


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