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Vitaly Petrov: & # 34; Didn't do it for Vettel & # 34;

Vitaly Petrov on the duel with Fernando Alonso
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How did you find Fernando Alonso's' nice 'hand sign in the phase-out round?
P etrov: I only drove my race. Of course I tried not to touch him because he was still fighting for the title. He only had one chance to attack in the entire race and I was able to close the door. You hardly have a chance to overtake on the track. I actually just had to drive normally.

He accused you of driving particularly aggressively.
Petrov: No, that was just plain normal. I was just defending my position. I don't make it easy for anyone to overtake me. I'm not here for fun. This is our job. I don't want to lose this job either.

Have you spoken to him?
Petrov: No, I don't think it's advisable right now to talk to him. If I were in his situation, I would be angry too. He should actually be more angry with himself for doing something wrong with the strategy.

Was it something special for you to keep him behind you?
Petrov: It was relatively easy, nothing special. I don't think it was up to him that he didn't come by either. First of all, it was the strategy to blame and, secondly, the route that was not overtaking.

Do you have more hope for the future after the race?
Petrov: Yes , the weekend was really good for me. We have always been able to improve. And if you do everything right, that is also reflected in the result.

Sebastian Vettel had a big thank you for you. Would you rather have a Red Bull champion than a Ferrari champion?
Petrov: I want to become world champion myself one day.

Do you have yourself Met after the race?
Petrov: No, not yet. But he doesn't have to be grateful to me either. I didn't do that for him. I didn't want Fernando to destroy the race either. I was just doing my job. Maybe I should have asked over the radio how much Vettel was going to pay me. After that Ferrari smoked what they would give for letting them by. And then we see who pays more money. (grins)

After all, Vettel is also on the road with Renault engines at Red Bull.
Petrov: I didn't even think about that. You are the Red Bull team and the others are Ferrari.

There is criticism of the track that overtaking is so difficult.
Petrov: We expected a lot more tire wear. But the route has gotten faster and faster. We even planned two pit stops. I was able to do 50 laps in one set. On Friday I sometimes lost three seconds per lap. I drove a clever race and was able to save my tires.

Do you have to change the track somehow?
Petrov: The track is already there finished. You can't do much more there.

There seems to be enough money.
Petrov: For better overtaking opportunities, you would need a faster corner in front of the straight. For example, if you replaced the hairpin with the first corner, it would be easier to overtake.


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