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Villalonga helps HRT F1: White Knight for Hispania Racing

Villalonga helps HRT F1
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D he new hope at HRT F1 is Juan Villalonga. The 57-year-old businessman should put the small Spanish racing team back on its feet. It is not known whether he is investing his own money in the Formula 1 team. Above all, Villalonga should help that new money comes in from outside.

HRT wants to grow thanks to Villalonga

Team owner Jose Ramon Carabante is convinced that the new addition will help the racing team . 'Thanks to the new connection, we will significantly strengthen our capabilities in the areas of innovative marketing and sponsorship activities,' said the Spaniard. Carabante and Villalonga have already met with Bernie Ecclestone to explain the F1 boss' business plan for the next few years.

Just last week the team announced a technical cooperation with Williams for the delivery of transmissions in order to become more competitive in terms of sport. Carabante hopes that thanks to the new partnership with Villalonga, his team will also have stable economic feet. 'We will get the best out of his leadership, his knowledge and his relationships in the areas of technology and communication. This allows us to grow as a whole team.'

Villalonga: 'Quality of sponsors is crucial'

The new hope is also going into the HRT marriage with high expectations. 'Formula 1 has always been closely linked to the fields of innovation, research and technology and Hispania must also be represented at this level - with stable leadership. The key is not the number of sponsors, but their quality,' explained Villalonga at his presentation .

The Spaniard has already demonstrated leadership skills during his involvement with the Spanish communications giant 'Telefonica'. Villalonga turned the state-owned company into one of the three largest telecommunications companies in the world. It was not until 2010 that he was voted one of the 100 best executives by Harvard Business Review.


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