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Vettel's way to the title: The pictures of a record year

Vettel's way to the title
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M after the first Grand Prix of the Fear the year: It will be a solo effort for Sebastian Vettel. And so it happened. The 24-year-old German saw the checkered flag in every race, scored points in every race and was on the podium in 14 of 15 Grands Prix. He covered all 4,566 kilometers and with ??? Points already collected significantly more points than in the previous year after the whole season.

Vettel's formula year 2011 was quite comparable to Michael Schumacher's best Ferrari years 2001, 2002 and 2004. His superiority paralyzed the title race. Here again Grand Prix after Grand Prix as a memento. In the photo gallery there are also the most spectacular pictures from the second year of championship.

GP Australia, Melbourne: 1st Sebastian Vettel, 2nd Lewis Hamilton, 3rd Vitaly Petrov

Vettel outclassed the competition already in training. Almost eight tenths ahead of Hamilton. In the race, the McLaren initially sticks to the Red Bull like a burr. Until the underbody breaks and Hamilton has to tear off. Vettel drives home the win easily. Although Kers doesn't work and in the end he has to save fuel because of the small tank in his RB7. At Webber, the tank is empty 50 meters behind the finish line.

GP Malaysia, Sepang: 1st Sebastian Vettel, 2nd Jenson Button, 3rd Nick Heidfeld

Again Vettel decides the race right from the start. The McLaren would be an equal opponent this time, but lose too much time in traffic in the early stages. Nick Heidfeld torpedoed himself to second place with a lightning start and held up the field for twelve laps. At halftime, Vettel switches off his Kers, which makes bitches again. He can easily do without it. The second-placed button is too far behind.

GP China, Shanghai: 1st Lewis Hamilton, 2nd Sebastian Vettel, 3rd Mark Webber

Third pole position in the third race. That smells like the third Vettel victory. But the Red Bull driver loses two places to the McLaren drivers at the start. Kers only delivers 35 instead of 82 hp. Then Button wants to accidentally park in Vettel's box the first time he changes tires. Another two seconds lost. McLaren changes tactics. From two to three stops. Red Bull does it the other way around. And loses. Hamilton is unstoppable in the final turn with hard tires. He overtook Vettel spectacularly in a 250 km /h curve. The highlight of the race: Webber marches up from 18th placeThird place.

GP Turkey, Istanbul: 1st Sebastian Vettel, 2nd Mark Webber, 3rd Fernando Alonso

The weekend begins for Vettel with a heavy crash in the rain . The Red Bull is crap. Vettel loses a training session, studies Webber's data and takes pole position 0.4 seconds ahead on Saturday. Colleague Webber is at a loss: “It didn't go any faster for me.” After that everything is back to normal. A lonely race for Vettel, who dominated the Grand Prix with the most pit stops and most overtaking maneuvers from the front. It's only exciting in his back. There team-mate Webber licks second place from Alonso's Ferrari.

GP Spain, Barcelona: 1st Sebastian Vettel, 2nd Lewis Hamilton, 3rd Jenson Button

Vettel is for the first time not in pole position. Barcelona specialist Webber does that for him. But in the first corner a Ferrari is in front. Because Webber is only concentrating on Vettel and screwing up the start. Alonso storms from fourth place to the top. The field builds up behind him. Red Bull tries to trick Ferrari with early pit stops, but Alonso goes with them. It only succeeds in the second attempt. For that, Vettel has to hit the hard tires after 27 laps. His real opponent is called Hamilton. It's faster, but doesn't get past.

GP Monaco, Monte Carlo: 1st Sebastian Vettel, 2nd Fernando Alonso, 3rd Jenson Button

An early pit stop by Button forces Vettel to follow suit. The Red Bull box is sloppy. Vettel stands 3.5 seconds too long and loses the lead. He wins her back because McLaren makes an early second stop. During the safety car phase, Vettel decides against the advice of the team to drive through to the end with the set of tires. He doesn't want to give up first place. His new opponent is now Alonso. Button also unlocks again. The three-in-a-row fight for half the race. A race break after an accident by Petrov frees Vettel. He is allowed to put on new tires for the last eight laps.

Canadian GP, ​​Montreal: 1st Jenson Button, 2nd Sebastian Vettel, 3rd Mark Webber

It's raining. Vettel leads confidently. Even after a two and a half hour interruption due to a downpour. In his back his opponents are eliminated. Button sends Hamilton into the pit wall. Alonso spins off the track after colliding with Button. Button has to go into the pits as a penalty and is the last to start again 30 laps before the end. With three laps to go, he's sitting on Vettel's neck. The McLaren is better on its tires than the Red Bull. Three kilometers from the checkered flag, Vettel stands across and Button wipes past. He wins with six pit stops. Also a record.

GP Europe, Valencia: 1st Sebastian Vettel, 2nd Fernando Alonso, 3rd Mark Webber

The heat race is a clear affair for Vettel. Pole position, fastest lap, 56thLeading laps, a victory eleven seconds ahead. The dramas in a race without a single retirement take place behind the championship leader. As in Turkey, Alonso and Webber are fighting for second place. This time Alonso wins. The McLaren are nowhere. Your rear tires are getting too hot. Vettel is having a perfect day. Even his Kers works perfectly.

GP England, Silverstone: 1st Fernando Alonso, 2nd Sebastian Vettel, 3rd Mark Webber

The Grand Prix is ​​overshadowed by a discussion about the exhaust . What is allowed, what is not? The FIA ​​decides for one race: No active blowing of the diffuser when the engine is towing. Red Bull is still putting two cars on the front row. Alonso registers victory claims as third. McLaren harms the ban the most. The duel between Vettel and Alonso is decided by a jack. Vettel loses important seconds at the second stop because the jack breaks. Alonso is up and away. Webber is pushing for this. The box asks the Australian to leave Vettel alone. Webber just listens, but doesn't come around like that either. His tires are at the end.

GP Germany, Nürburgring: 1st Lewis Hamilton, 2nd Fernando Alonso, 3rd Mark Webber, 4th Sebastian Vettel

For the first time, Vettel does not start from row one. He can follow the Hamilton-Webber-Alonso express train for three laps. 'Then they turn on the turbo and are gone.' The local hero fights with a badly balanced Red Bull against Massa for fourth place. The rear tires bend too quickly. The decision is made in the penultimate lap in the box. The Red Bull boys beat their Ferrari colleagues by 1.5 seconds in the tire change duel.

GP Hungary, Hungaroring: 1st Jenson Button, 2nd Sebastian Vettel, 3rd Fernando Alonso

Again it rains at the start. Vettel quickly loses the lead to Hamilton. When it dries up, Red Bull waits one lap too long to switch from intermediates to slicks. Button pulls past thanks to the earlier stop. The old tactician drives a brilliant race and also outsmarts Hamilton. The fastest man in the race spins, changes tires once too often and receives a drive-through penalty. Vettel has to orientate himself backwards. Alonso is catching up with seven mile boots. But the Spaniard is risking too much. A spin costs him seven seconds.

GP Belgium, Spa-Francorchamps: 1st Sebastian Vettel, 2nd Mark Webber, 3rd Jenson Button

Up to an hour before the start, the Red Bull Camp discussed. Should we start normally or leave the pits with the suspension set-up corrected? The Red Bull exceeded the camber values ​​recommended by Pirelli on the front axle by 0.25 degrees and paid for it with blisters on the tires. Worried question: is there a threat of a flat tire in Eau Rouge? Vettel is for the secure solution, Webber for risk. Red Bull decides: We'll start normally. Webber is after three, Vettel after fivePits laps. Pirelli gives the all-clear: the tires hold up. Alonso could be dangerous for Vettel, but Ferrari is clocking wrong. When Vettel changes tires during the safety car phase, Alonso stays outside. The Ferrari is no longer an opponent on hard tires. Red Bull trembles to a double victory.

GP Italy, Monza: 1st Sebastian Vettel, 2nd Jenson Button, 3rd Fernando Alonso

Red Bull is building Monza for the former fear track Special car. McLaren and Ferrari are just adjusting their cars to the fastest route on the calendar. Vettel plays poker with a short seventh course. He is the slowest on the straight, but the fastest over a lap. As long as he drives in front, no problem. But at the start, like in Barcelona, ​​Alonso shoots in the lead. Vettel recaptured the top with an insane maneuver in lap 5. Outside in Curva Grande. With two wheels in the grass. The rest of the tempo battle is routine. Victory has never been easier. The McLaren had the speed of the Red Bull in the race, but lost too much time in traffic in the first half of the race. Hamilton desperately behind Schumacher for 26 laps.

GP Singapore, Marina Bay Circuit: 1st Sebastian Vettel, 2nd Jenson Button, 3rd Mark Webber

Vettel outclasses the competition. In training he takes 0.351 seconds off Webber. At the start he already has a respectable distance of 50 meters after three corners. After nine laps it's ten seconds. Vettel leads from start to finish. In the age of Pirelli with a total of 69 pit stops, it was actually an impossibility. The SafetyCar steals Vettel 18.4 seconds lead, but at the restart it just takes one lap, as Vettel is separated from Button by 8.9 seconds. Only in the final does Button get the Red Bull star in his sights. Vettel turns the engine and KERS back to overdrive. Only when he meets a group of lapped people does he accelerate again. After the ninth win of the season, he is still missing a miserable point for the title.

GP Japan, Suzuka Circuit: 1st Jenson Button, 2nd Fernando Alonso, 3rd Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel does his title perfect. It was just a matter of time. However, the German was not granted a victory. Already in qualifying he only narrowly took pole position. The race begins with a turbulent start, in which Vettel and Jenson Button duel. Button later took the lead in the McLaren. When restarting after the safety car phase, Vettel would have a chance, but he missed it. Fernando Alonso also has to let the Red Bull driver go. Its soft tires do not work as hoped in the race. After all, he still has a champagne shower on the podium to celebrate his title with third place.


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