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Vettel's tire damage: Pirelli rules out personal negligence

Daniel Reinhard
Vettel's tire damage in Abu Dhabi
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' It's a bit like CSI, 'said Pirelli Motorsport boss Paul Hembery before examining the rubber residue of the burst Tire from Sebastian Vettel. In the laboratory, the engineers finally tackled the shredded slick with a microscope and scalpel. Despite the effort, the culprit could still not be identified beyond doubt.

Pirelli rules out structural errors

Pirelli was only able to rule out its own fault. The soft compound tire, with which Sebastian Vettel had already set the pole position time in qualifying, showed no abnormalities. 'We can confirm that a structural error was not the reason for Sebastian Vettel's tire to burst,' said Hembery in a Pirelli statement on Wednesday (November 16).

'We are together on this result came with Red Bull after we thoroughly examined the remains of the tire, 'said Hembery. When Vettel drove back to the pits, the shredded tire continued to dissolve. However, Pirelli was able to secure and analyze all rubber parts.

No evidence for debris theory

Despite the extensive investigation still remains unclear what led to the defect after only 500 meters. 'Maybe we will never find out,' Hembery shrugged his shoulders immediately after the race. Even three days later, the British can only speculate. 'We cannot rule out that debris on the track damaged the tire, which then led to it bursting.'

However, the Pirelli engineers were on the track with Vettel immediately after the race to look for sharp edges Looking for objects. 'However, we did not find any proof of the theory,' says Hembery


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