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Vettel's Montreal secret: Nobody touches the car

Vettel's Montreal secret
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I n the second knockout round of the qualification there were 16 cars in a second. At the end of practice, Sebastian Vettel led the field with an unusually large lead of 0.303 seconds over Lewis Hamilton. 'I'm surprised myself,' said Vettel on his 32nd pole position.

Vettel refrains from fine-tuning

'We were actually always quick. We only didn't get it right in qualifying recently. If you make a mistake in the closely spaced field allow, you're not third, you're 13. That's why we tried to learn from our mistakes in Barcelona and Monte Carlo. '

Vettel's secret was amazingly simple. After the third practice session on Saturday morning, his engineers kept their hands off the car's set-up. 'We only polished the paneling,' joked team advisor Helmut Marko. In Barcelona and Monte Carlo, Vettel and his engineers failed to fine-tune the setup.

That was not necessary this time. 'I felt comfortable right from the start,' reported Vettel. The optimal ground clearance, the suspension setting and aero balance were right from the start. You could do your training program without any disruptive factors.

Webber complains about a lack of traction

Mark Webber, who jumped from one rear wing to another on Friday and experimented with a longer seventh gear, is quite different. The Australian made a long face after finishing fourth. The right rear tire, which did not want to get up to temperature in the decisive attempt because there was a problem with the electric blanket, is not a sufficient excuse.

The six tenths distance to Vettel hurts: 'That was not my best Qualification. I have problems on the curbs and changing direction. Most of the time I lose in the chicane before the start and finish. Somehow I can't get the car into the corner. ' Webber experienced the Vettel story from Monaco. 'I should have adjusted the car differently. Seb's car has better traction.'

'Top teams will prevail'

The Red Bulls are the slowest cars on the straight at 316 km /h, but the fastest in the third sector. What Vettel loses on the straight, he catches up in the hairpin and the chicane before the start and finish twice or three times. 'Don't let the top speed fool you,' warns Webber.'A lot depends on whether people drive into the limiter in front of or behind the measuring point.'

The bans of the FIA ‚Äč‚Äčcommissioners could not slow the Red Bull. Rather the opposite is the case. 'We're quick even without a hole in the ground,' grinned Vettel. 'It's only part of a concept. That's why the story is overrated.'

The world champion is expecting a heated battle for the race. 'It will be crucial how you keep the tires alive in the heat.' Red Bull advisor Marko reads from the training result that Formula 1 is returning to normal. 'Now the right people are at the front again. Of the underdogs, only di Resta made it into the top ten. The more the top teams understand the tires, the more they will prevail.'


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